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Re: [emms-help] Tag Editor

From: Tassilo Horn
Subject: Re: [emms-help] Tag Editor
Date: Fri, 02 Nov 2007 12:36:31 +0100
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Daniel Dehennin <address@hidden> writes:

Hi Daniel!

> Comming back to EMMS,

Coming back implies having left.  Shame on you! ;-)

> I wonder how I can set track tags using the filename.
> I have files named like:
> Artist - Album - tracknumber.title.extension
> I want to use a regexp on the filename and set the info-artist, etc
> accordingly.

Uh, this hasn't been implemented yet.  But I think it should be doable
as a keyboard macro.  Add song to the playlist, enable emms-mark-mode,
select the tracks you want to tag with `m' and hit `E' to enter the tag
editor.  If the files are named uniformly and the separator ("-")
doesn't occur in titles or other fields, you should be able to use
isearch and kill-ring-save (M-w) to copy and past the relevant parts of
the file name to the appropriate fields.

> Another feature is to rename a file based on its tags.

Hah, this feature exists!

,----[ (info "(emms)Editing Tracks") ]
| Renaming Files
| ==============
| The tag editor is also capable to rename the file of the track at point
| or all files of the marked tracks according to the value this variable.
|  -- User Option: emms-tag-editor-rename-format
|      When `emms-tag-editor-rename' is invoked the track's file will be
|      renamed according this format specification.  The file extension
|      will be added automatically.
|      It uses the format specs defined in `emms-tag-editor-tags'.
|      The default value is "%a - %l - %n - %t", so that files are named
|      <Artist> - <Album> - <Tracknumber> - <Title>.<extension>
|      after renaming.
|    To perform the renaming put point on the track you want to rename or
| mark some tracks.  Then hit `R' which calls this function:
|  -- Function: emms-tag-editor-rename
|      Rename the file corresponding to track at point or all marked
|      tracks according to the value of `emms-tag-editor-rename-format'.


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