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[Emms-patches] darcs patch: emms-cache: Add standard enable/disable/togg

From: Michael Olson
Subject: [Emms-patches] darcs patch: emms-cache: Add standard enable/disable/toggle interfa...
Date: Fri, 09 Jun 2006 00:04:39 -0400

Fri Jun  9 00:01:08 EDT 2006  Michael Olson <address@hidden>
  * emms-cache: Add standard enable/disable/toggle interface and do a docfix 
for emms-cache-set-function.
New patches:

[emms-cache: Add standard enable/disable/toggle interface and do a docfix for 
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20060609040108] {
hunk ./emms-cache.el 52
-(defvar emms-cache-file "~/.emms-cache"
-  "A file used to store cached file info information over sessions")
hunk ./emms-cache.el 55
+(defcustom emms-cache-file "~/.emms-cache"
+  "A file used to store cached file information over sessions."
+  :group 'emms
+  :type 'file)
+(defun emms-cache (arg)
+  "Turn on Emms caching if ARG is positive, off otherwise."
+  (interactive "p")
+  (if (and arg (> arg 0))
+      (progn
+        (add-hook 'after-init-hook 'emms-cache-restore)
+        (add-hook 'kill-emacs-hook 'emms-cache-save)
+        (setq emms-cache-get-function 'emms-cache-get)
+        (setq emms-cache-set-function 'emms-cache-set)
+        (setq emms-cache-modified-function 'emms-cache-dirty))
+    (remove-hook 'after-init-hook 'emms-cache-restore)
+    (remove-hook 'kill-emacs-hook 'emms-cache-save)
+    (setq emms-cache-get-function nil)
+    (setq emms-cache-set-function nil)
+    (setq emms-cache-modified-function nil)))
+(defun emms-cache-enable ()
+  "Enable caching of Emms track data."
+  (interactive)
+  (emms-cache 1)
+  (message "Emms cache enabled"))
+(defun emms-cache-disable ()
+  "Disable caching of Emms track data."
+  (interactive)
+  (emms-cache -1)
+  (message "Emms cache disabled"))
+(defun emms-cache-toggle ()
+  "Toggle caching of Emms track data."
+  (interactive)
+  (if emms-cache-get-function
+      (emms-cache-disable)
+    (emms-cache-enable)))
hunk ./emms-setup.el 87
-  (add-hook 'after-init-hook 'emms-cache-restore)
-  (add-hook 'kill-emacs-hook 'emms-cache-save)
-  (setq emms-cache-get-function 'emms-cache-get)
-  (setq emms-cache-set-function 'emms-cache-set)
-  (setq emms-cache-modified-function 'emms-cache-dirty))
+  (emms-cache 1))
hunk ./emms.el 225
-This is called with a single argument, the track."
+This is called with three arguments: the type of the track, the
+name of the track, and the track itself."


[Standardize copyright notices.  Add COPYING file.  Mention license in README.
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20060608194123] 
[Fix compiler warnings in emms-cache.el.
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20060608184612] 
[emms-metaplaylist-mode: Fix bug introduced by the recent emms-playlist-mode 
overhaul.  Add faces for light backgrounds.
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20060608143846] 
[NEWS is new
[refactor browser mode creation code
Damien Elmes <address@hidden>**20060608123618
 - make the rendering function (browse-by-artist, etc) responsible for
   the mode name
 - fix a bug where the wrong buffer is used
[browser sorting, and bug fixes
Damien Elmes <address@hidden>**20060608105253
 - sort tracks when they're added to the playlist
 - fix a bug where we didn't uniquify the buffer
 - distinguish between files and urls
 - modify emms-playlist-sort to accept an optional region
[update modeline when changing browsing method
Damien Elmes <address@hidden>**20060608094037] 
[avoid rebuilding the browser window each time
Damien Elmes <address@hidden>**20060608092623] 
[small typo fix
Damien Elmes <address@hidden>**20060608032546] 
[fix RET on trailing \n
Damien Elmes <address@hidden>**20060608090703
 \n isn't propertized which means hitting RET on a playlist or browser
 entry fails. this patch moves the point before trying to read the
[add a metadata browser - emms-browser.el
Damien Elmes <address@hidden>**20060608084400
 * preliminary work on a metadata browser - still alpha, but it's
   useable for me
 * also updated my email address in emms-cache.el (whoops)
[emms-playlist-mode: Facify tracks on startup.
[emms.el: Change directory to / before starting the player.
[emms-playlist-mode: When making new overlays, do not allow the rear to 
advance.  This prevents some display issues.  If we really need to modify the 
text there, we should be using (insert-before-markers).
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20060607215212] 
[Make emms-property-region bulletproof.
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20060607215113] 
[Fix typo in emms-property-region
[emms.el, simplified emms-property-region considerably.
[Very basic support for recording the time you last played a track.
 * emms-last-played.el: New file.
   Nothing fancy right now, more to come soon.
 * emms-setup.el: emms-devel now requires and setups emms-last-played.
[Mark the cache as dirty for each modification.
[fix damien elmes's email address
Damien Elmes <address@hidden>**20060607154000] 
[emms.el: The currently playing marker now should stay where it is, even for 
[emms-playlist-mode: Stop overlay from being attached to text inserted before it
[emms sources now switch add/play behavior when a prefix argument is supplied.
[Add autoloads to emms-setup.el
[Typo, defvar => defcustom for emms-cache-set-function
[Cleaned up the cached code in emms.el a bit
[refactor caching code into emms-cache.el
Damien Elmes <address@hidden>**20060607125345
 * caching support is now provided via two function vars in emms.el,
   emms-cache-get-function and emms-cache-set-function
 * (emms-standard) or above will enable caching support
 * you'll need to remove .emms-cache or s/emms-info-cache/emms-cache-db/
[emms-playlist-mode doesn't need overlay compatibility anymore
[emms-playlist-mode.el - now with less overlay!
[emms-info: Fix bug that occurs after clearing the current playlist and trying 
to re-add songs to it.
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20060606144439] 
[AUTHORS: fixed Lucas' e-mail address
Damien Elmes <address@hidden>**20060605163339
 * mark the info cache as dirty when it's modified, so we don't have to
   write it out all the time
 * save the cache as mule-utf-8 - comments? i'm not sure if this is
[AUTHORS: Damien Elmes address updated
[emms-info caching (thanks to Damien Elmes)
[Sort file names from `emms-source-file-directory-tree-function'.
[Add some sources for inserting playlists without inserting their contents, and 
likewise for directories of playlist files.  Exclude some files and directories 
from being added when walking directories.
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20060604195602] 
[emms-player-mpd: Differentiate between files and URLs when it makes sense to 
do so.
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20060604195449] 
[Miscellaneous minor cleanups.
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20060604195311] 
[Make sure we never have an empty track description when inserting a song into 
a playlist buffer.
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20060604194940] 
[Remove debian-extras package as requested by ftpmasters (debian)
[Put volume options in their own customize group.
Martin Schoenmakers <address@hidden>**20060601193853
 Added a separate emms-volume group for customize and put things there instead
 of in the main thing.
[emms-volume.el: Cosmetic stuff, defvar -> defcustom
[emms-volume.el: Minor cosmetic cleanup
[emms-volme.el: Add some requires.
[emms-volume-amixer.el: Provide a way to set the control for amixer
[Make handling of multiple playlist buffers less error-prone.
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20060531203810] 
[AUTHORS: Add Martin Schoenmakers. Welcome! :-)
[Add emms-volume and emms-volume-amixer.
Martin Schoenmakers <address@hidden>**20060530223500
 New files: emms-volume.el provides some general volume changing things,
 including a minor mode to more easily change volume when not in the
 EMMS buffer. emms-volume-amixer.el is a backend using amixer.
[emms-streams: Re-add space after prompt and use completion for type.
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20060530190620] 
[allow nonzero ogginfo exit plus some reindenting
Martin Schoenmakers <address@hidden>**20060530130411
 When ogginfo gave a nonzero value on exit, any valid data would get tossed
 if there was any. This prevented emms from showing info for files that are
 tagged but a bit odd.
 Also reindented emms-info-ogginfo accordingly, which incidentally removed
 some tabs in favour of spaces.
[emms-streams: When the user wants emms-streams to play the selected stream 
instead of add it, create our own playlist buffer.  When quitting, if we own 
the current playlist buffer, kill it.
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20060530144243] 
[emms-streams: Re-implement yank and kill so that they do the right thing with 
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20060530045429] 
[emms-streams: Implement kill and yank.
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20060530040114] 
[emms-streams: Make hitting RET on a URL do the right thing, improve cursor 
movement, and mark the buffer as unmodified after performing a save.
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20060529030043] 
[emms-player-mpd: Use more robust method of detecting whether we need to 
force-feed MusicPD our playlist.
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20060525014253] 
[emms-playlist-mode: Make "d" kill the entire line.  This seems to be a good 
compromise of those who use C-k and those who want more standard object-killing 
[emms-player-mpd: When showing the currently-playing song, prepend the name of 
the radio station, if it exists.
[emms-player-mpd: Make seek work correctly.
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20060525033120] 
[emms-player-mpd: Fix bug that caused unconditional reloading of the entire 
MusicPD playlist whenever the track was changed manually.
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20060524061655] 
[emms-player-mpd: Overhaul for streamlist support, and fix a few miscellaneous 
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20060524055707] 
[emms-player-mpd: Add a few checks to make sure that the given buffer exists 
before trying to do anything with it.
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20060517035419] 
[emms-source-playlist: Do not expand names of files in playlists, as this can 
cause problems with emms-player-mpd in some configurations.
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20060516081257] 
[emms-playlist-mode: Implement the option (disabled by default) of opening a 
new EMMS buffer for a playlist, when hitting RET on one.
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20060510040730] 
[emms-playlist-mode.el: Don't put a period after the mode map. This hangs 21.4 
on display.
[TAG 2.0
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