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[Emms-patches] darcs patch: browser: refactor level handling code

From: Damien Elmes
Subject: [Emms-patches] darcs patch: browser: refactor level handling code
Date: Wed, 5 Jul 2006 20:50:18 +0900 (JST)

Wed Jul  5 20:47:48 JST 2006  Damien Elmes <address@hidden>
  * browser: refactor level handling code
  - remove insert-track-function, it's not needed
  - playlist indentation is now handled the same way as the browser,
    using format strings
  - dynamically bind the relative level to make the above work
  - indent tracks a little more to make them visibly "under" albums
New patches:

[browser: refactor level handling code
Damien Elmes <address@hidden>**20060705114748
 - remove insert-track-function, it's not needed
 - playlist indentation is now handled the same way as the browser,
   using format strings
 - dynamically bind the relative level to make the above work
 - indent tracks a little more to make them visibly "under" albums
] {
hunk ./emms-browser.el 152
-(defcustom emms-browser-insert-track-function
-  'emms-browser-insert-track-standard
-  "*A function to insert a track into the playlist.
-The default behaviour indents tracks depending on whether you're
-adding an album, artist, etc."
-  :group 'emms-browser
-  :type 'function)
hunk ./emms-browser.el 207
+(defvar emms-browser-current-indent nil
+  "Used to override the current indent, for the playlist, etc.")
hunk ./emms-browser.el 745
-(defun emms-browser-insert-playlist-group (type bdata level)
-  "Insert a group description into the playlist buffer.
-Eg. [album] foo bar"
-  (let ((short-type (substring (symbol-name type) 5))
-        group cover)
-    (setq group (emms-browser-format-line bdata 'playlist))
+(defun emms-browser-playlist-insert-group (bdata)
+  "Insert a group description into the playlist buffer."
+  (let* ((type (emms-browser-bdata-type bdata))
+         (short-type (substring (symbol-name type) 5))
+         (name (emms-browser-format-line bdata 'playlist)))
hunk ./emms-browser.el 752
-      (insert
-       (emms-browser-make-indent-for-level level))
-      ;; FIXME - we've cut out [type] - support it in format strings
-      (insert group "\n"))))
+      (insert name "\n"))))
hunk ./emms-browser.el 754
-(defun emms-browser-insert-track (track name level)
-  "Insert a track into the playlist buffer, called NAME.
-LEVEL is used to control indentation."
-  (funcall emms-browser-insert-track-function track name level))
+(defun emms-browser-playlist-insert-track (bdata)
+  "Insert a track into the playlist buffer."
+  (let ((name (emms-browser-format-line bdata 'playlist))
+        (track (car (emms-browser-bdata-data bdata))))
+    (with-current-emms-playlist
+      (goto-char (point-max))
+      (insert  (emms-propertize
+                name
+                'face 'emms-playlist-track-face
+                'emms-track track)
+               "\n"))))
hunk ./emms-browser.el 766
-(defun emms-browser-insert-track-standard (track name level)
-  (with-current-emms-playlist
-    (goto-char (point-max))
-    (insert  (emms-propertize
-              (concat
-               (emms-browser-make-indent-for-level level)
-               name)
-              'face 'emms-playlist-track-face
-              'emms-track track)
-             "\n")))
+(defun emms-browser-playlist-insert-bdata (bdata starting-level)
+  "Add all tracks in BDATA to the playlist."
+  (let ((type (emms-browser-bdata-type bdata))
+        (name (emms-browser-bdata-name bdata))
+        (level (emms-browser-bdata-level bdata))
+        emms-browser-current-indent)
+    ;; adjust the indentation relative to the starting level
+    (when starting-level
+      (setq level (- level (1- starting-level))))
+    ;; we temporarily rebind the current indent to the relative indent
+    (setq emms-browser-current-indent
+          (emms-browser-make-indent level))
+    ;; add a group heading?
+    (unless (eq type 'info-title)
+      (emms-browser-playlist-insert-group bdata))
+    ;; recurse or add tracks
+    (dolist (item (emms-browser-bdata-data bdata))
+      (if (not (eq type 'info-title))
+          (emms-browser-playlist-insert-bdata item starting-level)
+        (emms-browser-playlist-insert-track bdata)))))
+;; --------------------------------------------------
+;; Expanding/contracting
+;; --------------------------------------------------
+(defun emms-browser-expand-to-level (level)
+  "Expand to a depth specified by LEVEL.
+After expanding, jump to the currently marked entry."
+  (goto-char (point-min))
+  (while (not (eq (buffer-end 1) (point)))
+    (if (< (emms-browser-level-at-point) level)
+        (emms-browser-show-subitems))
+    (emms-browser-next-non-track))
+  (emms-browser-pop-mark)
+  (recenter '(4)))
+(defun emms-browser-mark-and-collapse ()
+  "Save the current top level element, and collapse."
+  (emms-browser-mark-entry)
+  (goto-char (point-max))
+  (while (not (eq (buffer-end -1) (point)))
+    (emms-browser-prev-non-track)
+    (emms-browser-kill-subitems)))
+(defun emms-browser-find-top-level ()
+  "Move up until reaching a top-level element."
+  (while (not (eq (emms-browser-level-at-point) 1))
+    (forward-line -1)))
+(defun emms-browser-mark-entry ()
+  "Mark the current top level entry."
+  (save-excursion
+    (emms-browser-find-top-level)
+    (emms-with-inhibit-read-only-t
+     (add-text-properties (point-at-bol)
+                          (point-at-eol)
+                          (list 'emms-browser-mark t)))))
+(defun emms-browser-pop-mark ()
+  "Return to the last marked entry, and remove the mark."
+  (goto-char (point-min))
+  (let ((pos (text-property-any (point-min) (point-max)
+                                'emms-browser-mark t)))
+    (if pos
+        (progn
+          (goto-char pos)
+          (emms-with-inhibit-read-only-t
+           (remove-text-properties (point-at-bol)
+                                   (point-at-eol)
+                                   (list 'emms-browser-mark))))
+      (message "No mark saved!"))))
+;; --------------------------------------------------
+;; User-visible commands
+;; --------------------------------------------------
hunk ./emms-browser.el 846
-  "Add all tracks at point."
+  "Add all tracks at point.
+Return the previous point-max before adding."
hunk ./emms-browser.el 849
-  (let ((first-new-track
-         (with-current-emms-playlist
-           (point-max))))
-    (let ((bdata (emms-browser-bdata-at-point)))
-      (emms-browser-add-bdata-to-playlist
-       bdata (emms-browser-bdata-level bdata)))
-    (run-hook-with-args 'emms-browser-tracks-added-hook first-new-track)))
+  (let ((first-new-track (with-current-emms-playlist (point-max)))
+        (bdata (emms-browser-bdata-at-point)))
+    (emms-browser-playlist-insert-bdata
+     bdata (emms-browser-bdata-level bdata))
+    (run-hook-with-args 'emms-browser-tracks-added-hook
+                        first-new-track)
+    first-new-track))
hunk ./emms-browser.el 860
-  (let (old-pos)
-    (with-current-emms-playlist
-      (setq old-pos (point-max)))
-    (emms-browser-add-tracks)
+  (let ((old-pos (emms-browser-add-tracks)))
hunk ./emms-browser.el 871
-(defun emms-browser-add-bdata-to-playlist (bdata starting-level)
-  "Add all tracks in BDATA to the playlist."
-  (let ((type (emms-browser-bdata-type bdata))
-        (name (emms-browser-bdata-name bdata))
-        (level (emms-browser-bdata-level bdata)))
-    ;; adjust the indentation relative to the starting level
-    (when starting-level
-      (setq level (- level (1- starting-level))))
-    (unless (eq type 'info-title)
-      (emms-browser-insert-playlist-group
-       type bdata level))
-    (dolist (item (emms-browser-bdata-data bdata))
-      (if (not (eq type 'info-title))
-          (emms-browser-add-bdata-to-playlist item starting-level)
-        ;; there should only be one track in this bdata, so use the
-        ;; bdata
-        (setq name (emms-browser-format-line bdata 'playlist))
-        (emms-browser-insert-track
-         item name level)))))
hunk ./emms-browser.el 917
-(defun emms-browser-expand-to-level (level)
-  "Expand to a depth specified by LEVEL.
-After expanding, jump to the currently marked entry."
-  (goto-char (point-min))
-  (while (not (eq (buffer-end 1) (point)))
-    (if (< (emms-browser-level-at-point) level)
-        (emms-browser-show-subitems))
-    (emms-browser-next-non-track))
-  (emms-browser-pop-mark)
-  (recenter '(4)))
hunk ./emms-browser.el 924
-(defun emms-browser-mark-and-collapse ()
-  "Save the current top level element, and collapse."
-  (emms-browser-mark-entry)
-  (goto-char (point-max))
-  (while (not (eq (buffer-end -1) (point)))
-    (emms-browser-prev-non-track)
-    (emms-browser-kill-subitems)))
-(defun emms-browser-find-top-level ()
-  "Move up until reaching a top-level element."
-  (while (not (eq (emms-browser-level-at-point) 1))
-    (forward-line -1)))
-(defun emms-browser-mark-entry ()
-  "Mark the current top level entry."
-  (save-excursion
-    (emms-browser-find-top-level)
-    (emms-with-inhibit-read-only-t
-     (add-text-properties (point-at-bol)
-                          (point-at-eol)
-                          (list 'emms-browser-mark t)))))
-(defun emms-browser-pop-mark ()
-  "Return to the last marked entry, and remove the mark."
-  (goto-char (point-min))
-  (let ((pos (text-property-any (point-min) (point-max)
-                                'emms-browser-mark t)))
-    (if pos
-        (progn
-          (goto-char pos)
-          (emms-with-inhibit-read-only-t
-           (remove-text-properties (point-at-bol)
-                                   (point-at-eol)
-                                   (list 'emms-browser-mark))))
-      (message "No mark saved!"))))
hunk ./emms-browser.el 1266
-(defun emms-browser-make-indent-for-level (level)
-  (make-string (* 1 (1- level)) ?\  ))
+(defun emms-browser-make-indent (level)
+  (or
+   emms-browser-current-indent
+   (make-string (* 2 (1- level)) ?\  )))
hunk ./emms-browser.el 1296
-         (indent (or
-                  (and (eq target 'browser)
-                       (emms-browser-make-indent-for-level lvl))
-                  ""))
+         (indent (emms-browser-make-indent lvl))
hunk ./emms-browser.el 1330
+    ;; give tracks a 'boost' (covers take up an extra space)
+    (when (eq type 'info-title)
+      (setq str (concat "  " str)))


[browser: make faces dependent on type, not level
Damien Elmes <address@hidden>**20060704140109
 also renamed the faces - you'll need to customize them again if you've
 customized them before.
[browser: set missing elements to 'misc' to prevent failure
Damien Elmes <address@hidden>**20060704131400] 
[browser: add no-cover documentation
Damien Elmes <address@hidden>**20060704125634] 
[browser: don't need point-at-bol, code has been refactored
Damien Elmes <address@hidden>**20060704044315] 
[emms-browser: Use point-at-bol instead of line-beginning-position for XEmacs 
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20060702033721] 
[browser: add default covers, fix bug
Damien Elmes <address@hidden>**20060704044020] 
[browser: beginnings of format string support
Damien Elmes <address@hidden>**20060702091318] 
[cache: set coding cookie in cache file
Damien Elmes <address@hidden>**20060702030320] 
[Fix more XEmacs issues.
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20060702020302] 
[Allow player to set the exact elapsed time of a track.  emms-player-mpd and 
emms-player-mpg321-remote both need this.
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20060702012131] 
[Make emms-cache and emms-browser work with XEmacs.
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20060702001247] 
[browser: bind 'C' to clear the playlist from the browser window.
[emms-browser: add C-j as an alternative to C-RET for console users
[browser: d for dired (missing half)
Damien Elmes <address@hidden>**20060630124050] 
[browser: add 'd' to open dired on the current directory
Damien Elmes <address@hidden>**20060629175424] 
[browser: fix bug with custom cover fetching function
Damien Elmes <address@hidden>**20060629141356] 
[browser: cover display, compilation support,more
Damien Elmes <address@hidden>**20060629132444
 - added optional rendering of cover images in the browser and playlist
   (see http://repose.cx/dump/browser-images.png)
 - display artist name if browsing by album
 - add `emms-browser-get-track-field-function', which allows you to
   customise the way the browser sorts the cache into various albums,
   artists, etc. includes a function (not on by default) which finds
   the artist name by the directory, not tag info - this prevents
   making lots of top level artist entries for artists who only appear
   on a compilation
[emms-playlist-mode-window-width defcustom + emms-playlist-mode-center-when-go
[make M-> act like a normal Emacs buffer for emms-playlist-mode
[emms-last-played: Count the number of times a track has been played.
 By default, EMMS will now store the number of times you play a track.
[emms-cache.el: fix missing paren in emms-cache-sync
[emms-browser.el: fix bad keybinding for emms-browser-goto-random
[emms-browser.el: emms-browser-goto-random moves the point to a random line in 
the browser.
[cache: readability fix
Damien Elmes <address@hidden>**20060625110138] 
[cache: rename function, remove obsolete one, only mark dirty if necessary
Damien Elmes <address@hidden>**20060625105130] 
[emms-cache.el: Move the pruning code inside emms-cache-refresh.
[function name change + testing emms-patches mailing-list
[README: added a note about compiling emms-print-metadata, since it apparently 
wasn't obvious...
[README: fix a small typo
Damien Elmes <address@hidden>**20060620091959] 
[README : Advanced configuration : added item about seeking.
[emms-player-mplayer.el: Enable mplayer's slave mode for seek support by
[AUTHORS: Update William's info.
[browser: another read-only bug
Damien Elmes <address@hidden>**20060623171252] 
[browser: fix bug with read-only buffer
Damien Elmes <address@hidden>**20060623150933] 
[browser: more search stuff
Damien Elmes <address@hidden>**20060623150406
 - fix bug where we clobber emms-browser-buffer
 - clear search on new search
 - add new keybindings - 's a', 's s', etc. to search for different fields.
[browser: preliminary browsing support
Damien Elmes <address@hidden>**20060623142837] 
[cache: add a routine to refresh metadata info
Damien Elmes <address@hidden>**20060622114528] 
[browser: use the filename if no useful metadata is available
Damien Elmes <address@hidden>**20060622112720] 
[browser: uniquify track names, mpg321-remote: restart dead process
Damien Elmes <address@hidden>**20060622111421] 
[browser: bugfixes, sort/display by year
Damien Elmes <address@hidden>**20060618122507
 - fix a bug with add-and-play on a single file
 - display album year if available
 - sort albums first by year
 - add c-1, c-2 etc keybindings to quickly browse by artist, album,
   etc. (conflicts with standard keybindings - assumption is that
   digit-argument is probably not very useful in the browser mode)
[define-emms-simple-player: Check for existence of the player executable.
[emms-player-mpd: Make the playable-p function return nil if we cannot start a 
connection to mpd.
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20060616233847] 
[Rename `emms-score-show' to `emms-score-show-playing'. Add
[browser: put track number first (better for compilation albums)
Damien Elmes <address@hidden>**20060616153258] 
[browser: fix centering when adding new tracks to the playlist
Damien Elmes <address@hidden>**20060616132746] 
[browser: remember position when hitting 1,2,3 etc
Damien Elmes <address@hidden>**20060616131926] 
[browser: collapse before expanding (expand-to-level-2, etc)
Damien Elmes <address@hidden>**20060616110612] 
[browser: fix sorting on tracks without a track number
Damien Elmes <address@hidden>**20060616110222] 
[mpg321-remote: fix race condition
Damien Elmes <address@hidden>**20060616103159] 
[mpg321-remote: fix bug related to the player stopping
Damien Elmes <address@hidden>**20060616011318] 
[Add Adam Sjoegren (copyright got assigned)
[mpg321-remote: defvar mask-stop-message
Damien Elmes <address@hidden>**20060615094217] 
[add player-mpg321-remote
Damien Elmes <address@hidden>**20060615063027
 - allows seeking in files
 - handles files with errors in them (the mpg321 simple version skips
   over the files)
[browser: fix for the tracknumber fix patch
Damien Elmes <address@hidden>**20060615051156] 
[browser: handle nil track numbers
Damien Elmes <address@hidden>**20060615023650] 
[playlist: enable undo, add extra undo binding
Damien Elmes <address@hidden>**20060615022826] 
[browser: require emms-playlist-sort
Damien Elmes <address@hidden>**20060615015543] 
[browser: make defcustom lines user variables
Damien Elmes <address@hidden>**20060615013606] 
[playlist-mode: add 'C' to clear playlist
Damien Elmes <address@hidden>**20060615013417] 
[info: display progress when adding async
Damien Elmes <address@hidden>**20060615012854] 
[browser: expand/collapse levels, tab through entries
Damien Elmes <address@hidden>**20060614180725] 
[browser: refactor data format, bugfixes; emms: add emms-track-p
Damien Elmes <address@hidden>**20060614160048
 Subitems are now stored in a tree of "bdata" objects, which is
 generated when initially displaying the buffer. This makes rendering
 simpler and also fixes some bugs where tracks were not being sorted
 correctly in the browser and/or the playlist.
 Adding items to the playlist now inserts 'group' names when you add a
 whole album, artist, etc at a time. These names will be thrown away if
 you run emms-shuffle. The sorting routines will correctly sort the
 buffer, throwing away the group tags, but then throw an error because
 the buffer is not the size they expected it to be. Other playlist
 manipulation routines like next/previous should skip over the group
 names - if they don't, it's a bug in the playlist code.
 An example of the new interface is at:
[emms-lyrics.el: Fix file-exists-p error when finding lyrics file for
 streams. At present, will just take care of tracks with 'file type.
[added the section "Finding files and speed" to the manual
[fix bug in emms-playlist-mode-center-current
[removed superfluous comment (actually testing darcs send)
[debian: add changelog for 2.0-2
[debian: Install info file as well
[browser: sorting, bugfixes
Damien Elmes <address@hidden>**20060612051800
 - add sorting for subitems (albums, tracks, etc)
 - make isearching expand the current entry automatically
 - rename subitems-exist to subitems-visible (clearer)
[updated manual about emms-foobar-file prefix toggling
[emms-cache: add pruning support, make save/load interactive
Damien Elmes <address@hidden>**20060611095400] 
[Use better exclude regexp, so that people can load music files with '#' in the 
middle of the name.
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20060610230507] 
[emms-info: Never return 0 for info-mtime, since emms-time-less-p does not like 
this.  Use nil instead.
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20060610230409] 
[Add mpd volume settings to custom
Martin Schoenmakers <address@hidden>**20060609231150
 Small patchlet so mpd users can use custom to change the volume setting
 backend to use the appropriate volume functions.
[browse subcategories (eg artist->album->title)
Damien Elmes <address@hidden>**20060609185950
 - subcategories can now be expanded and contracted, and added to
 - see the new keybindings at the top of the file
 - add new faces for the various sublevels (only the dark background
   colours are useful at the moment - any light background users want
   to fix that?)
 - fix a bug in emms-smart-browse with (recenter)
[update emms-cache.el commentary
Damien Elmes <address@hidden>**20060609064935] 
[emms-player-mpd: Add functionality to dump MusicPD data into the EMMS cache.  
This allows for easy integration with emms-browser.el.
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20060609043831] 
[emms-player-mpd: Rename volume functions to better match the namespace created 
by emms-volume.el.
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20060609043643] 
[emms-player-mpd: Fix minor bug when importing the current MusicPD playlist 
into EMMS.
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20060609043538] 
[emms-setup: Get rid of pointless compiler warning.
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20060609042002] 
[emms-cache: Small compiler fix.
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20060609041606] 
[emms-cache: Add standard enable/disable/toggle interface and do a docfix for 
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20060609040108] 
[Standardize copyright notices.  Add COPYING file.  Mention license in README.
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20060608194123] 
[Fix compiler warnings in emms-cache.el.
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20060608184612] 
[emms-metaplaylist-mode: Fix bug introduced by the recent emms-playlist-mode 
overhaul.  Add faces for light backgrounds.
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20060608143846] 
[NEWS is new
[emms-playlist-mode: Facify tracks on startup.
[refactor browser mode creation code
Damien Elmes <address@hidden>**20060608123618
 - make the rendering function (browse-by-artist, etc) responsible for
   the mode name
 - fix a bug where the wrong buffer is used
[browser sorting, and bug fixes
Damien Elmes <address@hidden>**20060608105253
 - sort tracks when they're added to the playlist
 - fix a bug where we didn't uniquify the buffer
 - distinguish between files and urls
 - modify emms-playlist-sort to accept an optional region
[update modeline when changing browsing method
Damien Elmes <address@hidden>**20060608094037] 
[avoid rebuilding the browser window each time
Damien Elmes <address@hidden>**20060608092623] 
[fix RET on trailing \n
Damien Elmes <address@hidden>**20060608090703
 \n isn't propertized which means hitting RET on a playlist or browser
 entry fails. this patch moves the point before trying to read the
[add a metadata browser - emms-browser.el
Damien Elmes <address@hidden>**20060608084400
 * preliminary work on a metadata browser - still alpha, but it's
   useable for me
 * also updated my email address in emms-cache.el (whoops)
[small typo fix
Damien Elmes <address@hidden>**20060608032546] 
[emms.el: Change directory to / before starting the player.
[emms-playlist-mode: When making new overlays, do not allow the rear to 
advance.  This prevents some display issues.  If we really need to modify the 
text there, we should be using (insert-before-markers).
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20060607215212] 
[Make emms-property-region bulletproof.
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20060607215113] 
[Fix typo in emms-property-region
[emms.el, simplified emms-property-region considerably.
[Very basic support for recording the time you last played a track.
 * emms-last-played.el: New file.
   Nothing fancy right now, more to come soon.
 * emms-setup.el: emms-devel now requires and setups emms-last-played.
[Mark the cache as dirty for each modification.
[emms.el: The currently playing marker now should stay where it is, even for 
[emms-playlist-mode: Stop overlay from being attached to text inserted before it
[fix damien elmes's email address
Damien Elmes <address@hidden>**20060607154000] 
[emms sources now switch add/play behavior when a prefix argument is supplied.
[Add autoloads to emms-setup.el
[Typo, defvar => defcustom for emms-cache-set-function
[Cleaned up the cached code in emms.el a bit
[refactor caching code into emms-cache.el
Damien Elmes <address@hidden>**20060607125345
 * caching support is now provided via two function vars in emms.el,
   emms-cache-get-function and emms-cache-set-function
 * (emms-standard) or above will enable caching support
 * you'll need to remove .emms-cache or s/emms-info-cache/emms-cache-db/
[emms-info: Fix bug that occurs after clearing the current playlist and trying 
to re-add songs to it.
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20060606144439] 
[emms-playlist-mode doesn't need overlay compatibility anymore
[emms-playlist-mode.el - now with less overlay!
[AUTHORS: fixed Lucas' e-mail address
[AUTHORS: Damien Elmes address updated
Damien Elmes <address@hidden>**20060605163339
 * mark the info cache as dirty when it's modified, so we don't have to
   write it out all the time
 * save the cache as mule-utf-8 - comments? i'm not sure if this is
[emms-info caching (thanks to Damien Elmes)
[Sort file names from `emms-source-file-directory-tree-function'.
[Add some sources for inserting playlists without inserting their contents, and 
likewise for directories of playlist files.  Exclude some files and directories 
from being added when walking directories.
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20060604195602] 
[emms-player-mpd: Differentiate between files and URLs when it makes sense to 
do so.
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20060604195449] 
[Miscellaneous minor cleanups.
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20060604195311] 
[Make sure we never have an empty track description when inserting a song into 
a playlist buffer.
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20060604194940] 
[Remove debian-extras package as requested by ftpmasters (debian)
[Put volume options in their own customize group.
Martin Schoenmakers <address@hidden>**20060601193853
 Added a separate emms-volume group for customize and put things there instead
 of in the main thing.
[Make handling of multiple playlist buffers less error-prone.
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20060531203810] 
[emms-volume.el: Cosmetic stuff, defvar -> defcustom
[emms-volume.el: Minor cosmetic cleanup
[emms-volme.el: Add some requires.
[emms-volume-amixer.el: Provide a way to set the control for amixer
[AUTHORS: Add Martin Schoenmakers. Welcome! :-)
[Add emms-volume and emms-volume-amixer.
Martin Schoenmakers <address@hidden>**20060530223500
 New files: emms-volume.el provides some general volume changing things,
 including a minor mode to more easily change volume when not in the
 EMMS buffer. emms-volume-amixer.el is a backend using amixer.
[emms-streams: Re-add space after prompt and use completion for type.
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20060530190620] 
[emms-streams: When the user wants emms-streams to play the selected stream 
instead of add it, create our own playlist buffer.  When quitting, if we own 
the current playlist buffer, kill it.
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20060530144243] 
[allow nonzero ogginfo exit plus some reindenting
Martin Schoenmakers <address@hidden>**20060530130411
 When ogginfo gave a nonzero value on exit, any valid data would get tossed
 if there was any. This prevented emms from showing info for files that are
 tagged but a bit odd.
 Also reindented emms-info-ogginfo accordingly, which incidentally removed
 some tabs in favour of spaces.
[emms-streams: Re-implement yank and kill so that they do the right thing with 
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20060530045429] 
[emms-streams: Implement kill and yank.
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20060530040114] 
[emms-streams: Make hitting RET on a URL do the right thing, improve cursor 
movement, and mark the buffer as unmodified after performing a save.
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20060529030043] 
[emms-player-mpd: Make seek work correctly.
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20060525033120] 
[emms-player-mpd: Use more robust method of detecting whether we need to 
force-feed MusicPD our playlist.
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20060525014253] 
[emms-playlist-mode: Make "d" kill the entire line.  This seems to be a good 
compromise of those who use C-k and those who want more standard object-killing 
[emms-player-mpd: When showing the currently-playing song, prepend the name of 
the radio station, if it exists.
[emms-player-mpd: Fix bug that caused unconditional reloading of the entire 
MusicPD playlist whenever the track was changed manually.
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20060524061655] 
[emms-player-mpd: Overhaul for streamlist support, and fix a few miscellaneous 
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20060524055707] 
[emms-player-mpd: Add a few checks to make sure that the given buffer exists 
before trying to do anything with it.
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20060517035419] 
[emms-source-playlist: Do not expand names of files in playlists, as this can 
cause problems with emms-player-mpd in some configurations.
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20060516081257] 
[emms-playlist-mode: Implement the option (disabled by default) of opening a 
new EMMS buffer for a playlist, when hitting RET on one.
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20060510040730] 
[emms-playlist-mode.el: Don't put a period after the mode map. This hangs 21.4 
on display.
[TAG 2.0
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