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[Emms-patches] darcs patch: emms-streams: Update Digitally Imported URLs

From: Michael Olson
Subject: [Emms-patches] darcs patch: emms-streams: Update Digitally Imported URLs
Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2007 21:58:45 -0400

Tue Apr 24 21:58:13 EDT 2007  Michael Olson <address@hidden>
  * emms-streams: Update Digitally Imported URLs
New patches:

[emms-streams: Update Digitally Imported URLs
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20070425015813] {
hunk ./emms-streams.el 112
-    "http://www.digitallyimported.com/mp3/trance.pls"; 1 streamlist)
+    "http://www.di.fm/mp3/trance.pls"; 1 streamlist)
hunk ./emms-streams.el 114
-    "http://www.digitallyimported.com/mp3/deephouse.pls"; 1 streamlist)
+    "http://www.di.fm/mp3/deephouse.pls"; 1 streamlist)
hunk ./emms-streams.el 116
-    "http://www.digitallyimported.com/mp3/classical.pls"; 1 streamlist)
+    "http://www.di.fm/mp3/classical.pls"; 1 streamlist)
hunk ./emms-streams.el 118
-    "http://www.digitallyimported.com/mp3/chillout.pls"; 1 streamlist)
+    "http://www.di.fm/mp3/chillout.pls"; 1 streamlist)
hunk ./emms-streams.el 120
-    "http://www.digitallyimported.com/mp3/drumandbass.pls"; 1 streamlist)
+    "http://www.di.fm/mp3/drumandbass.pls"; 1 streamlist)


[emms-lastfm: Take care of url buffers sooner
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20070409055513
 I removed emms-lastfm-buffer and just had all of the sentinel-type
 functions delete their buffer as soon as they are done with it.  I was
 worried about functions stepping on one another's buffers, especially
 when one of them is in a timer.
 Take advantage of the fact that url sentinel functions are guaranteed
 to have current buffer be the one we want.  Also, pass a buffer
 argument to emms-http-decode-buffer to satisfy my paranoia about
 buffer change.
[emms-url: Avoid stringp errors when fetch of page failed
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20070409055428] 
[emms-player-mpd: Fix erroneous extra message and be more careful about the 
current buffer
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20070409051913] 
[emms-lastfm: Don't show status messages when getting metadata
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20070409014302] 
[Fix use of `message', silence mpd-show if callback given and no song playing
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20070408233853] 
[emms-player-mpd: Integrate with emms-lastfm to show track
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20070408205000
 * emms-lastfm (emms-lastfm-np): Expand to take optional callback
   argument.  Rename `arg' to `insertp' for clarity.
 * emms-player-mpd (emms-player-mpd-show-1): Detect if emms-lastfm is
   activated, and if the current track is a LastFM URL.  If so, call
   emms-lastfm-np rather than continuing on.
   (emms-player-mpd-show): Docfix.
[fix mp3info arguments order
Ye Wenbin <address@hidden>**20070408113504] 
[Fix no changes found when val is change to empty
Ye Wenbin <address@hidden>**20070408113129] 
[Fix order of emms-cache-set-function arguments.
Ye Wenbin <address@hidden>**20070408111309] 
[emms-source-playlist.el: emms-source-playlist-parse-m3u,
William Xu <address@hidden>**20070320120017
 emms-source-playlist-parse-pls recognize `mms://' as urls now.
[NEWS: emms-lyrics now support lyrics auto-scrolling.
William Xu <address@hidden>**20070320115825] 
[emms-mode-line.el: Make `emms-mode-line-toggle' just work..
William Xu <address@hidden>**20070320115727] 
[emms-streams: Fix nectarine URL
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20070320114903] 
[Bump copyright years to 2007 and standardize statement
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20070319145852
 Files made by those who haven't yet completed the assignment process
 remain copyrighted by that person.  Those who have assigned have their
 files changed to be copyrighted by the FSF, but retain their Author
 line for the sake of giving proper credit.
[emms-playing-time.el: Minor docstring updates.
William Xu <address@hidden>**20070319051306] 
[emms-volume-amixer.el: Add more docs for variable
William Xu <address@hidden>**20070318105444
[emms-setup.el: Add `emms-volume' to `emms-devel'.
William Xu <address@hidden>**20070318104435] 
[emms-playlist-sort.el: Make `emms-string<' silent when some argument is
William Xu <address@hidden>**20070317092305
[emms-playlist-sort.el: Add `emms-string<', making string sort case
William Xu <address@hidden>**20070308115507
 insensitive. (This makes more sense in cases like sorting according to
 artist, etc)
[emms-streams: Add a bunch of radio stations
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20070318064813] 
[Fix conflicts in emms-tag-editor patch
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20070317070451] 
[Don't display message when encounter error
Ye Wenbin <address@hidden>**20070316075057] 
[put filename as last argument in emms-tag-editor-tag-file
Ye Wenbin <address@hidden>**20070316075015] 
Tassilo Horn <address@hidden>**20070316144749] 
[Add doc for emms-tag-editor
Ye Wenbin <address@hidden>**20070308141415] 
[Change document about emms-mark-regexp, and add more
Ye Wenbin <address@hidden>**20070308141340] 
[Add two extra command in tag editor. Rename emms-tag-editor-replace-all
Ye Wenbin <address@hidden>**20070308141238] 
[Record programs error in log buffer
Ye Wenbin <address@hidden>**20070308141209] 
[Make name readonly in emms-tag editor buffer
Ye Wenbin <address@hidden>**20070308141123] 
[Fix a typo error
Ye Wenbin <address@hidden>**20070308141101] 
[Obsolete emms-mark-unmark-regexp, use C-u M-x emms-mark-regexp instead
Ye Wenbin <address@hidden>**20070308140837] 
[Avoid print wrong history value.
Ye Wenbin <address@hidden>**20070307030452] 
[Resolve conflict in change to manual
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20070306023616] 
[emms-lyrics.el: Update comments about "Known problems".
William Xu <address@hidden>**20070305065844] 
[emms.texinfo: Add possible solutions for asynchronical issue for lyrics.
William Xu <address@hidden>**20070305064615] 
[browser: display a help message on an empty deck
Damien Elmes <address@hidden>**20070305131445] 
[emms-setup.el: Add emms-tag-editor module to `emms-devel'.
William Xu <address@hidden>**20070305054414] 
[emms-lyrics.el: Find chinese lyrics based on filename instead of `title'
William Xu <address@hidden>**20070305053910
 from the tag info. (thus to avoid dealing with different tag info coding
[emms-lyrics.el: Fix a function name typo.
William Xu <address@hidden>**20070305042950] 
[emms-lyrics.el: Add chinese lyrics lookup support to
William Xu <address@hidden>**20070302141102
[Manual: Minor fixes in new Quickstart chapter
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20070305144251] 
Tassilo Horn <address@hidden>**20070304124948] 
[emms-player-mpd: Stylize Lisp code in documentation
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20070304075903] 
[emms-lyrics: Fix compiler warnings
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20070302152148] 
[emms-lyrics.el: Rename `emms-lyrics-find-current-lyric' to
William Xu <address@hidden>**20070302103240
 `emms-lyrics-visit-lyric', and enhance it by adding searching from
 internet support.
[emms-lyrics: Fix several compiler warnings
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20070302065810] 
[emms-lyrics.el: Add lyrics auto-scrolling support.
William Xu <address@hidden>**20070302055649] 
[emms.texinfo: Update lyrics section.
William Xu <address@hidden>**20070301091537] 
[NEWS: Mention changes in emms-playing-time.
William Xu <address@hidden>**20070225061342] 
[emms-player-mpd: Miscellaneous docfixes
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20070227180444] 
[manual: Mention how to set the default EMMS playlist mode
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20070223040831] 
[Move dictionary definitions higher to avoid compiler warning
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20070223040135] 
Tassilo Horn <address@hidden>**20070222165136
 Fixed emms-mark-track so that you can (un)mark backwards
 with `C-u -3 m'.
 Wrote texinfo docs for emms-mark.el.
[Speed up emms-play-directory-tree by about factor 10
 Most of the speedup comes from using nconc in later-do instead
 of append (and therefore, not excessively copying lists).
 I see a factor of 10 speedup when generating the playlist
 for 37000 audio files.
[Fix several XEmacs compatibility issues
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20070215231146] 
[emms-texinfo: Add stubs for emms-mark and emms-tag-editor
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20070215171211
 I've added "write me" chapters to the manual for emms-mark.el and
 emms-tag-editor.el, because they need to be written before the
 release.  Hopefully others will volunteer to write them :^) .
[Add `emms-lyrics-catchup' for dealing with external lyrics crawler.
William Xu <address@hidden>**20070208033306] 
[NEWS: Update
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20070207142227] 
[emms-tag-editor: Make editing of ogg vorbis comments work properly
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20070129154657
 It turns out we have to have the "-t" option before each bit of track
 information, not just the first.  Also, avoid sending empty track
 information to vorbiscomment.
[emms-mark: Save the keymap properly
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20070129150940] 
[emms-mark: Overhaul and turn into a derived mode
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20070129091833
 Make emms-mark integrate better with the rest of EMMS by turning it
 into a derived mode of emms-playlist-mode.  This allows it to have its
 own keymap derived from emms-playlist-mode, and be easily enabled and
 disabled without messing up the output from emms-show.
 It will operate on a buffer-by-buffer basis, but can easily be made
 the default playlist mode if desired.
 We have to avoid calling emms-playlist-mode a second time when
 starting emms-mark-mode, so that the selection does not disappear.
 Thus, it must be its own function, rather than using
[emms-playlist: Pay attention to selection when updating
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20070129091716
 Make sure that we preserve the current selection if updating the
 currently-selected track..
[Distinguish `emms-track-description' and `emms-track-force-description'
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20070129091330
 The idea is that emms-track-force-description is only allowed to be
 used when inserting descriptions into a playlist buffer.  This lets us
 distinguish between the content and layout of the text, for add-ons
 like emms-mark that want to do something decorative with the text.
[New macro emms-walk-tracks
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20070129091141
 This macro makes it easy to write code which steps forward through the
 tracks of the current buffer iteratively.
Tassilo Horn <address@hidden>**20070116202013] 
Tassilo Horn <address@hidden>**20070113104902
 Roman Lagunov reported a bug: the last.fm plugin failed scrobbling tracks with
 & in artist/title/album. The same applies to streams containing an ampersand.
 So I added ?& and ?? to `emms-url-specials'. But because both are needed to
 submit values via HTTP GET now you have to `emms-escape-url' only the arguments
 that may contain special chars instead the complete url, e.g.:
             (concat emms-lastfm-server
                     "&c=" emms-lastfm-client-id
                     "&v=" (number-to-string emms-lastfm-client-version)
                     "&u=" (emms-escape-url emms-lastfm-username))
 instead of
              (concat emms-lastfm-server
                     "&c=" emms-lastfm-client-id
                     "&v=" (number-to-string emms-lastfm-client-version)
                     "&u=" emms-lastfm-username))
[Manual: Add periods to end of menu entry descriptions, update menus, minor 
grammar and style fixes
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20070113234824] 
Tassilo Horn <address@hidden>**20070108205923] 
[emms-streams: Make sure type is a symbol, not a string
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20070108191308] 
Tassilo Horn <address@hidden>**20070107104105
 Adds docs for emms-volume-minor-mode and replaces defvars with defopts in the
 last.fm chapter.
Tassilo Horn <address@hidden>**20070106173701] 
[emms-lastfm: Remove periods from end of messages
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20070106011559] 
[emms-lastfm: Add emms-lastfm-np, which displays the current song information 
as a message or inserts it at point
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20070105235058] 
[Add support for playing Last.fm streams using emms-streams interface
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20070105230616] 
[emms-lastfm: Use emms-cancel-timer, fix FIXME section, make 
emms-lastfm-radio-request-metadata more flexible
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20070105073906] 
[emms-url: Only escape spaces and newlines, on second thought
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20070105073821] 
[Make jack.el use emms-compat.el rather than cl.el, and tidy up emms-compat.el
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20070105042701] 
[emms-playlist-sort: Add compile-time dependency on cl.el to avoid a warning
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20070105040231] 
[emms-lastfm: Use emms-url.el, fix compiler warnings, and be kind to the 
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20070105035342] 
[emms-player-mpd: Use functions in emms-url.el
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20070105035233] 
[emms-url: New file containing the url.el interaction routines from 
emms-lastfm.el.  I plan to use these in other parts of EMMS as well.
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20070105034035] 
[emms-compat: New file that contains compatibility functions for emms; this 
make emms.el a bit cleaner-looking
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20070105032247] 
[emms-streams: Try to reconnect to station if briefly disconnected
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20070105000942] 
[Remove emms-volume-mpd-raise/lower, make chapter in manual for emms-volume.el
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20070105000820] 
Tassilo Horn <address@hidden>**20070103205523
 This patch adds a new function to emms-lastfm.el:
 I also added a chapter about Last.fm in emms.texinfo. It compiles for me and
 looks good, but it wold be nice if someone could have a short look at it. It's
 my first work with texinfo.
Tassilo Horn <address@hidden>**20070103140726
 If a `url-retrieve' returns a buffer containing multibyte strings, they were
 displayed as \123\456. The bug occured mostly when listening to Last.fm radio
 playing a track with non-ascii title or artist.
 Thanks to fledermaus at #emacs for investigating what went wrong and putting
 together the function `http-decode-buffer'. The bug seems to be fixed with it.
Tassilo Horn <address@hidden>**20070102222433
 Now the Artist and Title of the current song are displayed in the mode-line
 when listening to a last.fm stream.
 Additionally I made all user options customizable.
Tassilo Horn <address@hidden>**20061230115944
 First, I renamed all things "emms-lastfm-playback" to "emms-lastfm-radio",
 which fits much better.
 Then I added the functionality of loving/skipping/banning the song you're
 listening to on Last.fm Radio. 
Tassilo Horn <address@hidden>**20061229155921] 
[emms-playlist-sort.el: Reorganize codes && add `emms-playlist-sort-by-list'.
William Xu <address@hidden>**20061225054559] 
Tassilo Horn <address@hidden>**20061227205745
 This patch has two major parts:
 1. Make emms-lastfm.el conforming to other emms plugins, meaning that there
    are those three user functions:
      `emms-lastfm' -- The usual prefix arg toggle
 2. It adds the ability to play lastfm:// streams. New user functions:
   Sadly there are 2 FIXMEs in the code:
     1. Major problem: It doesn't work for lastfm urls which contain blanks. If
        someone is familiar with the url library, he could tell me how to fix
        it. (retrieving urls with whitespaces)
     2. Minor problem: There's some ugly (but working) code to ensure the
        execution doesn't continue before a sentinel has been run.  
[emms-playing-time: Add stuffs for controlling displaying on mode line
 while still enabling emms-playing-time module at backgrond.
[emms-mode-line: Rename `emms-playing-time-toggle' to `emms-mode-line-toggle'.
Tassilo Horn <address@hidden>**20061219085443
 New emms-lastfm-activate warns the user if he disabled emms-playing-time
 completely and points him to the right docs.
Tassilo Horn <address@hidden>**20061216132209
 My last path enabled emms-lastfm.el to submit tracks even if you paused
 them. I tested this extensively! But I didn't test if it still submits
 them if you don't pause it. Of course it didn't. ;-)
 The problem was that I rely on `emms-playing-time' to calculate when a
 track has to be submitted. But in `emms-player-started-hook' my new
 track function was run *before* `emms-playing-time' was set to 0 again.
[emms.texinfo: Update emms-playing-time info.
Tassilo Horn <address@hidden>**20061220205010
 The docstring of `next-line' suggest to use `forward-line' instead, so
 use that...
Tassilo Horn <address@hidden>**20061212200324
 This patch enables emms-lastfm.el to submit the current track even if
 the playback has been paused and resumed. It's done by canceling the
 `emms-lastfm-timer' when pausing and reenabling it on resume.
[emms-lyrics: Make `emms-lyrics-find-lyric-function' customizable and add
[change raise/lower-function to change-functon, add change-amount
Ye Wenbin <address@hidden>**20061208052114] 
[Remove emms-volume-amixer-raise/lower commands, use emms-volume-change-function
Ye Wenbin <address@hidden>**20061208052019] 
[emms-i18n: Rename functions to match file name.
[emms-setup: Add `emms-i18n' to `emms-devel'.
[emms-info-mp3info: Make use of `emms-i18n-call-process-simple'.
[emms-player-mpd: Document how to use MusicPD to change the volume via 
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20061208223509] 
[Fix various byte-compiler warnings throughout
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20061207143511] 
[emms-tag-editor: Rename functions to match file name
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20061207142310] 
[Rename emms-mp3tag.el to emms-tag-editor.el
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20061207141945] 
[emms.el: Improve `emms-uniq-list' to not use cl.el.
[emms-i18n changes, add playlist navigate command, uniq playlist command
Ye Wenbin <address@hidden>**20061207063510] 
[emms-mp3tag support ogg, add more documentation. fix some error
Ye Wenbin <address@hidden>**20061206153528] 
Tassilo Horn <address@hidden>**20061206112823
 This patch adds emms-lastfm.el, its setup to emms-setup.el and myself
[Fix a silly bug in emms-mp3tag. Remove timestamp.
Ye Wenbin <address@hidden>**20061206020710] 
[AUTHORS: Added Ye Wenbin
[Fix lyrics minibuffer display. Amixer display playback and more useful commands
Wenbin Ye <address@hidden>**20061127154113] 
[Edit all track, set tag to file for mp3
Wenbin Ye <address@hidden>**20061205112209] 
[Add emms-mp3tag and emms-i18n
Wenbin Ye <address@hidden>**20061205065407] 
[Add emms-mark and emms-history
[emms-info-mp3info.el: Replace `emms-iconv' with decode-coding-string and
[emms.el: Fix bug introduced by recent changes to 
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20061119204738] 
[Default to current buffer when setting the current EMMS playlist buffer.
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20061119053410] 
[manual: Add documentation for new emms-playlist-mode keybindings
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20061119052935] 
[emms-playlist-mode: Bind "b" key to emms-playlist-set-playlist-buffer.
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20061119052907] 
[emms-playlist-mode: Implement adding the thing at point to the current 
playlist.  If it is a playlist, add its contents instead.  Map this to the "a" 
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20061119052254] 
[emms.el: In emms-playlist-set-playlist-buffer, prompt user from available EMMS 
playlist buffers rather than all buffers, and display feedback upon setting the 
current buffer, since this is not an easy change to see
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20061119052023] 
[emms.el: Fix compiler warning
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20061119051946] 
[Don't add subdirectories for directory and playlist-directory source insert 
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20061119041900] 
[emms-playing-time.el: New variable `emms-playing-time-style', it
 supports two styles at present, `time' and `bar'.
[bind SPC to `scroll-up' in emms-playlist-mode and update manual.
[emms.el: Move macros to the top of the file.
[emms-player-mpd: Deal with change in output when getting supported file types
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20061028042119] 
[NEWS: Add entry for recent emms-player-mpd change
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20061023125738] 
[NEWS: Version 2 is version 2.0
[emms-player-mpd: Handle errors that occur when we begin playback
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20061022215310] 
[emms-playlist-mode: Handle case where selection has not been set but user 
wants to delete a region
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20061022201724] 
[emms-player-mplayer.el: Mplayer also supports .vob files.
[FluidSynth midi file player
[Added delYsid
 jackd is a pro-audio server which can be used as a backend for
 alsaplayer, mplayer, and lots of other linux audio apps.
 This module allows to start jackd from within emacs, and
 connect/disconnect jack client ports.
[browser: ensure the RNG is seeded before use
Damien Elmes <address@hidden>**20061011151535] 
[browser: require sort (fixes bug with sort-fold-case being void)
Damien Elmes <address@hidden>**20061010125718] 
[emms-playlist-mode: Fix typo in hook name
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20061022022812] 
[emms-player-mpd: Update version recommendation
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20061022012223] 
[emms-player-mpd: Work properly with tracks inserted by emms-browser
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20061022011050] 
[Add NEWS items since version 2.1
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20061017222117] 
[emms-player-mpd: When using the emms-volume interface, allow the user to 
specify the amount of change in the volume
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20061017220404] 
[Documentation cleanups in emms-player-mpd and emms-source-playlist
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20061017215345] 
[Since emms-player-seeked-to-functions and emms-player-time-set-functions hooks 
do the same thing, replace the former with the latter
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20061017210238] 
[emms-browser: Fix compiler warning
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20061017205310] 
[emms-player-mpd: Implement seek-to support
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20061017205106] 
[fix faulty emms-playlist-mode keybinding, fix due to William and Damien.
[Added seeking to the playlist keymap, and updated the manual.
[emms-player-mpd: Only display error if we are certain that url.el is not 
Michael Olson <address@hidden>**20061004032213] 
 Add relative seek support for alsaplayer
 A simple-player definition for timidity
[emms-playing-time.el: Minor cleanups.
[emms-lyrics.el: Minor Cleanups.
 Get pause/resume working for alsaplayer
 mplayer also supports mms:// URLs
[DoTheRightThing with player pausing and emms-bookmarks.el
[Added emms-bookmarks.el
[Added `emms-pause' to emms-playlist-mode.el bound to to ``P''.
[browser: add deletion started/finished message
Damien Elmes <address@hidden>**20060923051128] 
[Added a link to the online version of the manual.
[emms-playing-time.el now works with `seek-to'.
[Added `seek-to' to emms.el and emms-player-mplayer.el.
[browser/cache: support deleting files, make emms-cache-dirty a defsubst
Damien Elmes <address@hidden>**20060922090553] 
[TAG 2.1
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