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Re[2]: [Enigma-devel] run of validity of world records

From: oxydmaster
Subject: Re[2]: [Enigma-devel] run of validity of world records
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2006 08:18:46 +0100


you're right the seeds are supposed to burn,
I already reported it to Ronald and Andreas Lochmann is going to fix
Andreas, you are, aren't you?

We should be suspicious to levels who can be solved in a couple of
seconds. Either there's a shortcut the author diddn't realize or sthg.
has been changed in the engine so the level become easier.

Sven Siggelkow

JS> I just completed "The Builder" in 4 seconds again, without hitting the
JS> top-left oxyd first.  Occasionally, if the fire burns a certain way,
JS> there's a path with no fire along one of the walls to the oxyd (for
JS> example if a burning square along the top wall ignites the square
JS> below it but not to its right).  If you match up the bottom two oxyds
JS> first, then the top-right and top-left, the level can be completed in
JS> 4 seconds.  Also, is it a bug that the fire won't burn the seeds, like
JS> it used to in earlier versions?  It makes the level very easy -- just
JS> wait on top of a seed, without picking it up, until the fire passes.

JS> Jacob

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