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Re: [Enigma-devel] New graphics

From: Ronald Lamprecht
Subject: Re: [Enigma-devel] New graphics
Date: Tue, 06 Feb 2007 21:06:46 +0100
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second attempt - my second head monitor just collapsed and plugged off the central fuse ...

Jen wrote:
Let me know what you all think of it.  It's not a drastic change from the 
current fl-leaves, but I think the color and texture are a little bit nicer - 
more suited to the high quality graphics cards and monitors we all have these 
days - and I think it tiles a little bit better than the old one.  But I 
welcome feedback and constructive criticism.

The new fl-leaves look very nice. I have never been fond of the old ones that show up the grid boundaries where nothing should be visible.

Raoul wrote:
As for what to work on next. I'm not really sure.
I would say the first priority would be any images that really don't look good even at the smallest resolution. it-banana for example does not look that good even at 32x32.(Although it is not horrible either)

Then I would say look at those images that look really poor in the 48x48 resolution. Many of those are images
that were clearly scaled up from a smaller size.

Perhaps somebody else has stronger feelings about what would be most beneficial to work on next.

I think, many of the items need work. The most of them could need some more details (it-hammer, it-bag) etc. And many haven't got their shadow. Some items are to big (it-pin, it-glasses-broken ...).

For the size, I would suggest to make the items not larger than 7/8 of the floortilesize. For gfx40 with a tilesize of 40x40, this would result in items with 35x35 px ...
Sure, there are some exceptions like it-trigger, it-brake and maybe others

The current set of items is not very consistent concerning perspective, shadows and quality. Concerning the size of the items we should take into account that a marble picks up a non-static item only if it approaches the center of the grid up to 0.3 grid-units (center marble - center grid). Thus it may look strange if a marble rolls over a large item image without picking it up. I did not check if the current graphics take this feature into account.

Another topic would be the marbles themselves. Have a look at the black marble. Its boundary is really not a circle. The white marble looks like some one tried to enlarge the marble by a fuzzy white ring. The small white marbles look even worse. The shadows are a subject of improvement, too.

Please note that the actors should fit the physical radius. The 1.00 images do not always represent the real size of the actors. Furthermore the actor images have to be centered. Me and Raoul did some minor improvements on the development trunk concerning the last topic. But improved images would be really nice.

The worst misfit between image and physics is the ac-horse. Its physical diameter is 48/64 units. The image diameter is about 42/48. That is the reason that horses can overlap. Please note the motif of the horse has to be maintained. It is a platform on which a marble can ride with a border that keeps the marble from falling off the horse as long as the acceleration is slow enough.

Raoul and I can provide you with any info that you have need of concerning actor sizes, padding, etc.

Please note that we may introduce higher resolutions in future. The next image size would be 64 pixels. I guess it would be usefull to generate directly this resolution for all new and improved images.

Thanks for your contribution.


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