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Re: [Enigma-devel] Bug: movable stones and water/abyss

From: Andreas Lochmann
Subject: Re: [Enigma-devel] Bug: movable stones and water/abyss
Date: Mon, 04 Aug 2008 15:52:23 +0200
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Hi Mark,

Mark Pulley schrieb:
With certain stones (e.g. st-wood) when the floor is replaced by water, the stone is supposed to 'fall' into the water, replacing the water with a new floor (e.g. fl-stwood). This doesn't happen if the stone happens to be on the outer border of the level. I initially thought it was a problem with libflood, but it also happens if I replace the floor using fill_floor. It also happens with fl-abyss instead of fl-water. I have attached a couple of demo levels to show the problem.

Yes, thank you.
We fixed this bug in rev. 1213, but only for Enigma mode,
as some Oxyd mode levels might use st-wood on fl-water
as level border (didn't check on that, though).

Best greets,

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