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Re: [Enigma-devel] My first levels

From: Ronald Lamprecht
Subject: Re: [Enigma-devel] My first levels
Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2008 20:46:36 +0200
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Hi Helge,

wellcome to the Enigma Community :-)

Andreas Lochmann wrote:
well done! :-)
"Meditation Sorting" is not my cup of tea, but "Insert coin to
continue" is great! Although I was able to solve it without
use of the coinslot - is this intended? (Screenshot available
if neccessary ;-) )

This looks funny. I did neither use anything besides the woods - no triggers, no coinslot, no hammer, no doors.

BTW the upper, most left door looks a little bit strange. You may want to choose another door type.

The code seems to be clean API 1-code, I don't see a problem
with adding it to Enigma 1.1, at least "Insert coin to continue".

The idea of "Meditation Sorting" is good, and in principle one
sees the differences between the marbles as the killer balls are
there from the beginning, while the real marbles have their
"appear"-animation. There also is a difference in their movements,
I'm not quite sure whether this is intended or a bug - Ronald?
Still, I have problems sorting the marbles. Is their a trick?

I solved the meditation in 1:40 :-)

The difference in their movements is caused by different "mouseforce" values of 1.0 for small white marbles and 2.0 for the killers. I have no idea who did set it to these values and why. But we should not change the defaults, as every author can use other values if necessary.



The Crimson King schrieb:
Hi all,

I hope I am doing this right seeing I'm a complete newbie here :) My
name is Helge Blohmer (online nick Wesley Crusher), I'm from Germany
and generally a fan of puzzle games. I have been playing around with
Enigma quite a bit and have started to make a few levels of my own. Two
of them I like enough that I would like to submit them for consideration
for 1.10 or a later release.

A few notes (read before playing, no major spoilers):

Meditation sorting (wesley002.xml) looks deceptively simple until you
realize that out of the 20 balls, only 10 are actually
ac-whiteball-small and the other 10 are ac-killerball. The few times I
have actually finished the level (I am bad at this :P) I needed over 11

Insert coin to continue (wesley001.xml) makes use of a game feature I
have not yet seen used that way in a level. I'd be spoiling the level
if I mentioned it here, but it disproves a general conception of a
certain thing A always being better than B. If you don't get the hints
in the documents: you need to make yourself a coin slot to get into the
locked area. (I didn't find any other visually obvious way to ensure
the coin slot will only work once the bolder rests on the trigger and
the latter is necessary for the level to work).

This was designed as a 20x13 one-screener but I ran into the bug with the
st-wood not transforming into floor when at an edge in 1.01, so I had to
wrap it in a 22x15 for now (I don't have the means to compile 1.10
under Windows).

The included wesley001c.xml contains the correct positions, layout and
sizes for a 1.10 single-screen version but still uses 1.01 object names,
so it should be easy to convert for inclusion into a future release. It
is otherwise the same level.

My time on the level is a relatively constant 3:20 to 3:30.

I'd also be grateful if someone could send me a precompiled zip (or
installer) of a 1.10 installation for Windows XP so I can test and
convert my levels to run under the new syntax with the changed object

Happy riddling and thanks to all developers for a great game!



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