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Re: [Erc-discuss] buffer local erc-hide-list ?

From: Giorgos Keramidas
Subject: Re: [Erc-discuss] buffer local erc-hide-list ?
Date: Sun, 27 Nov 2011 05:11:34 +0100

On Sat, Nov 26, 2011 at 12:07 PM, Peter Baranyi <address@hidden> wrote:
>On Wed, 2011-11-23 at 13:07 +0100, Giorgos Keramidas wrote:
>>On Sun, Nov 20, 2011 at 5:08 PM, Peter Baranyi <address@hidden> wrote:
>>> I'd like to use different erc-hide-list values for different
>>> channels.  If I'm on a public channel like #debian or #emacs, I
>>> don't want to see any join/part/quit messages, while on a private
>>> channel with 2-3 people it's good to see when someone leaves/joins.
>>> I tried to (make-variable-buffer-local 'erc-hide-list), but it does
>>> not work, erc uses the global value.
>>> How can I accomplish this?
>> It probably requires modifying (erc-display-message) in erc.el.  The
>> current function checks erc-hide-list but without making the target
>> buffer the currently active buffer, so the buffer-local value of
>> erc-hide-list is not taken into account:
>> ,-----------------------------------------------------------------------
>> |     (if (not (erc-response-p parsed))
>> |         (erc-display-line string buffer)
>> | -       (unless (member (erc-response.command parsed) erc-hide-list)
>> | +       (unless (member (erc-response.command parsed)
>> | +                       (with-current-buffer buffer
>> | +                         erc-hide-list))
>> |         (erc-put-text-property 0 (length string) ’erc-parsed parsed string)
>> |         (erc-put-text-property 0 (length string) ’rear-sticky t string)
>> |         (erc-display-line string buffer)))))
>> `-----------------------------------------------------------------------
> Thanks for your input however your solution does not work. I could not
> even connect with the modified function, I got error in process
> filter, stringp, "buffer name". I was able to connect after modifying
> as follows:

You're right. I posted too fast.  Reading the code of `erc-display-line'
it's clear that there are more cases of 'buffer' values.  So I modified
this function once more:

| (defun erc-display-buffer-list (buffer)
|   "Sanitize a 'buffer' name or list, and convert to a buffer-name list."
|   (cond ((bufferp buffer) (list buffer))
|         ((listp buffer) buffer)
|         ((processp buffer) (list (process-buffer buffer)))
|         ((eq 'all buffer)
|          ;; Hmm, or all of the same session server?
|          (erc-buffer-list nil erc-server-process))
|         ((and (eq 'active buffer) (erc-active-buffer))
|          (list (erc-active-buffer)))
|         ((erc-server-buffer-live-p)
|          (list (process-buffer erc-server-process)))
|         (t (list (current-buffer)))))
| (defun erc-display-message (parsed type buffer msg &rest args)
|   "Display MSG in BUFFER.
| ARGS, PARSED, and TYPE are used to format MSG sensibly.
| See also `erc-format-message' and `erc-display-line'."
|   (let ((string (if (symbolp msg)
|                     (apply 'erc-format-message msg args)
|                   msg)))
|     (setq string
|           (cond
|            ((null type)
|             string)
|            ((listp type)
|             (mapc (lambda (type)
|                     (setq string
|                           (erc-display-message-highlight type string)))
|                   type)
|             string)
|            ((symbolp type)
|             (erc-display-message-highlight type string))))
|     (if (not (erc-response-p parsed))
|         (erc-display-line string buffer)
|       (erc-put-text-property 0 (length string) 'erc-parsed parsed string)
|       (erc-put-text-property 0 (length string) 'rear-sticky t string)
|       (dolist (buf (erc-display-buffer-list buffer))
|         (unless (member (erc-response.command parsed)
|                         (with-current-buffer buf
|                           erc-hide-list))
|           (erc-display-line string buffer))))))

> I didn't describe the problem exactly in my first message: if I join a
> public channel with unset erc-hide-list, then do
> (make-variable-buffer-local 'erc-hide-list)
> OR
> (make-local-variable 'erc-hide-list)
> then (setq erc-hide-list '( "PART" "QUIT" "JOIN")), all in the public
> channel, then I don't get any part and join messages, but the quit
> messages remain! And the above described modification does not change
> this behavior, the same thing happens.

This is probably a different problem.  I haven't seen QUIT messages in
quiet-mode in a while, but I will also try to use the patched version of
`erc-display-message' with an IRC server other than bitlbee.

> So the problem is only with the quit messages. This happens because
> for QUIT messages, buffer is not one buffer (like with JOIN and PART),
> but a list of one or more buffers, where the person quit. For example
> if I'm on channels debian and perl, and someone quits who is also on
> these channels, then buffer will be ("#perl" "#debian"). So in order
> to determine a buffer local hide list, we have to loop through this
> list, then check if the element is a valid buffer:
> diff erc-display-message-old.el erc-display-message-new.el
> 25,28c25,41
> <       (unless (member (erc-response.command parsed) erc-hide-list)
> <       (erc-put-text-property 0 (length string) 'erc-parsed parsed string)
> <       (erc-put-text-property 0 (length string) 'rear-sticky t string)
> <       (erc-display-line string buffer)))))
> ---
>>       (dolist (buf (if (listp buffer)
>>                      buffer
>>                    (list buffer))
>>                  )
>>       (unless (member
>>                (erc-response.command parsed)
>>                (if (bufferp buf)
>>                    (with-current-buffer buf erc-hide-list)
>>                  erc-hide-list))
>>         (erc-put-text-property 0 (length string) 'erc-parsed parsed string)
>>         (erc-put-text-property 0 (length string) 'rear-sticky t string)
>>         (erc-display-line string buf)
>>         )
>>       )
>>       )
>>     ))
> This way it's working now, all join part and quit messages are omitted
> according to the buffer local hide list!
> However, the two erc put text property commands were executed only
> once, now they are executed once for every element of buffer. I don't
> know if this is a problem or not.

Yes, that makes sense.  You should probably try to move the calls to
put-text-property outside of the dolist loop.  It should work fine.

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