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[Fab-user] ANN: Fabric alpha 3 released

From: Jeff Forcier
Subject: [Fab-user] ANN: Fabric alpha 3 released
Date: Sun, 24 May 2009 17:37:55 -0400

Hi all,

Just tagged Fabric alpha 3, which contains a ton of changes over alpha
2 [1]. I think the biggest visible feature is the addition of output
controls: you can now hide/show various levels of Fabric's output in a
granular fashion (plus some useful aggregate aliases). However, this
represents almost three weeks of changes, so it's a pretty big leap in
terms of bugfixes and small/medium features/changes, for anyone who is
only following the tagged releases.

It is my intention that this be the last alpha release, and that beta
1 will be out very soon, at which point we'll be in a feature/API
freeze. There's still a lot of features that can be added and APIs
that can be changed, but I want to get something stable, tested and
documented out the door sooner rather than later -- so I'll be pretty
aggressive about pushing things off to the 1.0 release.

Thanks as always for all the continued feedback and contributions!
I've actually spent at least 50% of my "Fabric time" over the last 2+
weeks simply managing peoples' pull requests and bug reports :)


[1] http://docs.fabfile.org/compatibility.html#changes-from-alpha-2-to-alpha-3

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