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[Fab-user] cgit vs Redmine

From: Jeff Forcier
Subject: [Fab-user] cgit vs Redmine
Date: Thu, 5 Nov 2009 19:33:31 -0500

Hi folks,

During a discussion on how to download tarballs of Fabric releases
[1], I realized that we no longer seem to need cgit. It was a stopgap
until something better came along, which is Redmine, which is now up
and running fine.

As far as I can tell the only thing cgit provides for us now is
tarball/zip downloads, which I'll be setting up on Redmine or via
static Apache means. So, once that's squared away I plan to nuke the
cgit instance and just have the domain redirect to the Redmine repo
browser page [2].

Does anyone have any objections to this? Please let me know if you do,
otherwise I'll assume nobody else is using it either :)


P.S. Fab 0.9 final will be this weekend, or possibly sooner :) I am
back at my desk!

[1] http://code.fabfile.org/issues/show/64
[2] git.fabfile.org will still be a valid DNS entry, of course, so if
anyone uses it instead of just "fabfile.org" for git:// access, it
will still work fine.

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