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Re: [Freefont-bugs] a comparison of FreeMono.ttf versions of 2003-06-24

From: Steve White
Subject: Re: [Freefont-bugs] a comparison of FreeMono.ttf versions of 2003-06-24 and 2008-03-24
Date: Sun, 7 Sep 2008 12:57:36 +0200

Hi all,

In anticipation of an upcoming release, and to tie up this old discussion:

Improvements have been made to FreeMono (in CVS) toward Joe's complaints.

Line spacing in xterm looks good to me now.  See the bug report below
for a screen shot.  As James explained, you have to explicitly say to
exclude normal line spacing:
    $ xterm -fa FreeMono-9:minspace=true

I implemented 0-width combining diacritical glyphs, but at a cost.
They work as expected in many apps, but on Windows they are only seen
as monospaced if they are installed as OpenType.  And...I have never
seen these combining diacriticals work in a modern xterm with *any*
font.  Perhaps xterm has changed.

For more detail, see bug reports
    "combining marks (0-width characters) in Mono"

    "Mono: line spacing in xterm"


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