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[Freeform-dev] Sample Pack

From: Coverage S. Congealing
Subject: [Freeform-dev] Sample Pack
Date: Thu, 07 Sep 2006 06:24:39 -0500

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Youve never met another crook in your whole life and you know it! And if you did you would cheerfully turn him in if you could make a profit on the deal. He pulled a length of pipe out from under the bar and raised it over my head. Ill give positive orders that everything is to be tried before they even consider anything like personality removal. Whats next on the program?Psychological reorientation, lobotomyor just plain firing squad?None of those. He had a crowd of old boys around him and they must have been swapping off-color stories because they gave me varying degrees of get-lost looks when I trundled up and snapped to attention. Outside the rushing transcribers copied, coded and filed messages, but no sound penetrated the insulated wall. They must still think of me as sitting in the control room. I was recruited just the way you were.

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