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[Freeform-dev] Tired with sexual troubles?

From: Calabashes M. Herds
Subject: [Freeform-dev] Tired with sexual troubles?
Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2006 11:21:23 -0500

Are you feeling shy over your inability to get much more than a semi-hard-on in the sack? Do you feel depressed because of your ED problem???

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Ten fast steps and there was the door to the stairwell. Only when he was working on his second glass did he remember to offer me some of this potable aqua regia. One of them was blocking the door; I rolled him aside and slid it open a few inches. Just at this point the bottom dropped out of everything. The fourth man, still in the hall, whispered something and they charged me. It shivered under the impact, but the ancient stone held. Apparently all the commotion was still at the other end of the alley. It had to be done fast, at the same time it was necessary to talk naturally.

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