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[Freeform-dev] propagandize over

From: Dorothy Berg
Subject: [Freeform-dev] propagandize over
Date: Thu, 21 Sep 2006 10:59:08 +0300

Naturally, Mr Burt acted as traffic officer.
When your father was out of sight, Swann was tempted to go to theoffice; he had a key. I also know that you made up your mind to acttowards me as he had acted towards you. She hadpersuaded him to come with her by the tale of what she would do forhis sons.
She understood the wholecomplexity of the situation.
Then, as if changing his mind, hestopped. And you wanted to protect your fathers name? So I builtArbala and forced the Langholm mill into a price war.
The mill at Arbala, the father said at last, you say was builtfor a purpose. Control in one hand was a dangerous thing.
But allyou did had, for that very reason, an effect diametrically opposedto the one you aimed at.
Mr Clark was not in; so I toldMr Burt to sit down and wait in the hall.
Here was what he haddreaded; what he had refused to believe; what he had avoidedlooking into.
He came; and an appointment was made over the telephone.
I shall needhis vote even against him; and it cannot be done any other way. I was also puzzled to probe the exact spirit in which Burt wasgiving the tale. She settled half a millionfrancs annually on him and promised to keep up the estate for thesons.
It was a marvel, Burt said, that the young lady had not beenstruck by the flying glass. She hadpersuaded him to come with her by the tale of what she would do forhis sons.
He had hardly left the house when Mr Clark looked at me out ofhaggard eyes. For several days before that shareholders meeting there had beentension between father and son.
He stepped up on the running board, by her side, and tried to kissher. She would have been a tower ofstrength to me.

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