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[ft-devel] MultipleMaster: no setweightvector?

From: Chris Liddell
Subject: [ft-devel] MultipleMaster: no setweightvector?
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2017 11:42:27 +0000
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I'm messing with Freetype's MultipleMaster Type 1 support, and I notice
there's no way to directly set the weight vector. That's a bit of a pain
because working backwards from the weight vector values really isn't
viable, and Adobe does let you set the weight vector directly.

I'm guessing setting the weight vector directly isn't included because
it wasn't originally part of Adobe's MM usage.

I'd like to add the ability to set/get the weight vector directly
(FT_Set/Get_MM_Weight_Vector), but before I do the work, and submit a
patch, I wanted to check if there was a specific reason such a call
wasn't included originally (other than not being part of the Adobe's
original MM support)?

If no one knows, or there was no such reason, then I'll put a patch


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