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[Freetype]I want save shape of the text (or letter) in Freetype2

From: Art Dikov
Subject: [Freetype]I want save shape of the text (or letter) in Freetype2
Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2000 11:56:43 +0300

I need a save shape of the Text or Letter.
I write application wich will be work with text layers.
And i want save in file or memory parameters of the Letter on the future.
In future i can open file (wich contained shape parameters) and draw letter or text without font file!
Its will be super!
If you make one Text word for example header in document. Why you need in all font file? If you can load only 1-5Kb shape for this word.
Please say me how i can save a shape of Text or letter and in future open and draw this letter?
Sorry for my English im from Russia
With the Best regards Art Dikov

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