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[Freetype] Freetype Roadmap and stuff

From: henry . maddocks
Subject: [Freetype] Freetype Roadmap and stuff
Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2001 16:48:38 +1300

I've been working on an OpenGL wrapper for Freetype for some time now and I'm just about ready to release the final v1.0. Have a look at...

Some of the work for future versions of FTGL hinges a little on the dev status of freetype. Where things are at and what we can expect in the future. In particular I want to improve the memory usage when using many faces and many sizes of the same face which despite what the docs say, I'll be doing all the time. It seems that solutions to a couple of my problems might be available in Freetype but only as beta. I don't want FTGL users to have to use a beta version of Freetype so if these features aren't going to be available in a stable release for a while then I may have to come up with an alternative.

I was thinking that the caching sub-system would be the way to deal with multiple faces. The docs say it's beta. (So does ftcache.h) Is this still the case? When can we expect it to be integrated into a final release?

As for multiple sizes, what's the best way to deal with them? The docs mention there is a way to acheive this but don't say how.
NOTA BENE: a single face object can deal with one or more size objects at a time, however, this is something that few programmers really need to do. We have thus have decided to simplify the API for the most common use (i.e. one size per face), while keeping this feature available through additional fuctions.

What are these additional functions? I saw this recently in the cvs...
Provide a public API to manage multiple size objects for a given
FT_Face in the new header file `ftsizes.h'.

Are these the mysterious additional functions? Should they be used or will the cache stuff help here too? Can someone point me in the right direction?


On a slightly different subject, I need a license to release FTGL under. (everyone keeps asking for one) I would like to use the Freetype license. Are there any objections? Can I use it verbatim and just say "substitute FTGL for Freetype" or should I rewrite it or should I go find my own?


"A lack of planning on your part doesn't constitute a crisis on mine."

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