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Re: [Freetype] Freetype Roadmap and stuff

From: David Turner
Subject: Re: [Freetype] Freetype Roadmap and stuff
Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2001 16:19:48 +0200

Hello henry,

address@hidden a écrit :
> Are these the mysterious additional functions? Should they be used or
> will the cache stuff help here too? Can someone point me in the right
> direction?

These functions are what you need, and the cache sub-system actually
uses them now too (instead of doing the dirty work "by hand"..)

Regarding the cache sub-system itself, I don't know when it will
become "final". I'd like to rewrite it slightly, mainly to be able
to create new cache classes more easily and to provide an
acquire/release interface to be able to "lock" cache nodes (i.e.
prevent them from being spilled out of the cache) when they're
need for "long" tasks..

I still don't know if this would break source or binary compatibility
with existing applications that use it, and that's why it is tagged
"beta" for now..

For now, the best thing is probably to use the "sizes" functions


- David

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