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Re: [Freetype] MACOS X

From: Wenlin Institute
Subject: Re: [Freetype] MACOS X
Date: Sat, 10 Nov 2001 16:17:28 -0800

At 4:41 PM -0500 11/10/01, Leonard Rosenthol wrote:
        That would be me ;).

It works just fine on Mac OS X today, building as a Carbon library from the command line (macho-o) and from CodeWarrior (CFM). I need to add a few more things in there for 2.0.6, but what is there is certainly functional!

Bravo, that's great news!

However, my first attempt at building from the command line failed. I downloaded this:

which is dated Sept 27; is that the latest snapshot?

I changed the directory name to /freetype, and in that directory I entered "make" twice. (GNU Make version 3.79.) After a lot of successful-looking compilation, this error message came up:


ld: -undefined error must be used when -twolevel_namespace is in effect
/usr/bin/libtool: internal link edit command failed
make: *** [/freetype/objs/] Error 1


The last command before that was:


gcc -dynamiclib -undefined suppress -o /freetype/objs/.libs/libfreetype.6.1.0.dylib /freetype/objs/ftsystem.lo /freetype/objs/ftdebug.lo /freetype/objs/ftinit.lo /freetype/objs/ftbase.lo /freetype/objs/ftglyph.lo /freetype/objs/ftmm.lo /freetype/objs/ftbbox.lo /freetype/objs/autohint.lo /freetype/objs/ftcache.lo /freetype/objs/cff.lo /freetype/objs/type1cid.lo /freetype/objs/pcf.lo /freetype/objs/psaux.lo /freetype/objs/psnames.lo /freetype/objs/raster.lo /freetype/objs/sfnt.lo /freetype/objs/smooth.lo /freetype/objs/truetype.lo /freetype/objs/type1.lo /freetype/objs/winfnt.lo -lc -install_name /usr/local/lib/libfreetype.6.dylib -compatibility_version 8 -current_version 8.0


What went wrong? Should I just wait for 2.0.6?

Assuming this won't be hard to fix, is there something that needs to be done to include the mac-resource-fork support? As far as I can tell, a pure unix library is being made; near the beginning, there is a report

    checking target system type... powerpc-apple-darwin1.4

but after that I don't see any mention of ftmac.c or anything mac-specific.

Thanks for your help -- I'm a unix-ignoramus.

-Tom Bishop


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