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Re: [Freetype] Re: PANOSE, and other ways to map fonts correctly [Re: Ko

From: Vadim Plessky
Subject: Re: [Freetype] Re: PANOSE, and other ways to map fonts correctly [Re: Konqueror double-bidi?]
Date: Sun, 18 Nov 2001 00:26:28 +0000

On Friday 16 November 2001 16:56, Alan Shutko wrote:
|   Vadim Plessky <address@hidden> writes:
|   > Some Microsoft developers (on www-style list) told that they do not
|   > think that someone will implement all CSS3 modules, and idea with
|   > modularization was just to allow developers to select necessary
|   > modules.
|   Well, this _is_ the same company that's decided not to implement the
|   whole C++ standard.

well, I don't know anything about quality of VC++, but have to admit that MS 
IE6 has rather good CSS support (if you use HTML4 Strict Doctype)
And MS IE6 (together with MacIE5) are the only two browsers which support 
CSS3: { display: inline block } property at a moment, which is IMHO critical 
for good design of HTML/CSS pages (especilly when you do export from Word 
Processor/DTP to HTML) 
Anyway, if MS decided not to implement CSS2: Fonts module, I wonder why this 
module was designed at all?
Apple and Adobe have some DTP and layouting experience, but none of them has 
own browser.
And AFAIK neither Adobe nor Apple supports Mozilla hacking (like AOL does 
with paid jobs for Mozilla developers, or in some other way, donating code, 

Returning back to CSS and layouting issues: I think having just *one* 
CSS3:Box Model module, with major issues corrected, will simpligy life both 
to browser developers and users.
IMO Tables should be just omitted from final CSS3 recommendation - as you can 
do everything you doing now with tables (for layouting, not for semantics) 
using display: inline-block, display:inline, display: block.
  CSS3 without Tables module will be much more light and easy to use.
Unfortunately, it seems that W3C Style WG doesn't favour such approach.
And I explain this by the fact that some quite well known companies have 
strong lobby on W3C board.


Vadim Plessky  (English)
33 Window Decorations and 6 Widget Styles for KDE
KDE mini-Themes

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