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[Freetype] 2.2 Release?

From: Ian Britten
Subject: [Freetype] 2.2 Release?
Date: Wed, 19 Mar 2003 10:04:38 -0400

Hi all,
Does anyone have any newer/updated information regarding a v2.2 release,
other than what is available at
[ Especially in light of Davids recent announcement (Congrats David!) ]

We're looking for some guidance about what version of FreeType to target
our software against.

We've got some deep/extensive integration with FreeType, including our
own FT_Face (for our own legacy fonts), rendering engine(s), ICU
integration, etc, etc.  We are currently using 2.0.9, and have started
moving to v2.1.3, but now have some hesitation.

We've run into some coding changes, etc. - Nothing serious, but it means
we can't just drop in 2.1.3 as a replacement for 2.0.9 (Our code wouldn't

We've got no problem requiring 2.1.(3/4), but the FreeType roadmap says
that 2.1.x should be considered unstable until 2.2.x is released.  Thus,
we're wondering how close 2.1.(3/4) is to whatever 2.2.x will be (in terms
of functionality, changes, etc), and if there is a tentative date
(Month? Quarter? Year?) for v2.2?

If 2.2.x is 'A Ways Off', I suspect we'll have to target 2.1.(3/4).  I
suspect that community momentum will embrace newer versions of FreeType
sooner rather than later, and we'll have to target whatever the most
widely used version is.
Put another way, 2.0.9 may be the prevalent version right now, but if
2.2.x is very far off, I predict that 2.1.(3/4) will become the most
prevalent version...

[ Dunno if anyone has noticed, but the upcoming Mandrake 9.1 is going to
be shipping with 2.1.3 - Should I take that as a sign that 2.1.3 *is*
the mainstream/stable(?) version? ]

Anyways, any info would be appreciated!  (And keep up the good work!)

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