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Re: [ft] Freetype license query

From: Glenn Pierce
Subject: Re: [ft] Freetype license query
Date: Fri, 12 Nov 2010 23:17:36 +0000

Hi sent the follow to the free software foundation

"I have an LGPL library (Version 3) in which I would like to use
Freetype.  Can I link to freetype and still distribute my library as
a binary?

 I asked on the freetype mailing list and was directed here so it would
 be good to get a definitive answer.
 Your website says GPL and Freetype licenses are compatible but does
 not mention the LGPL."

I received the following reply.

Given that the LGPLv3 is essentially an extra set of permissions on top
of the GPLv3, then if a license is compatible with the GPLv3, it is also
compatible with the LGPLv3.

> Is this true just for dynamic linking or statically as well ?

It is true of both dynamic and static linking.

As the Freetype license is on the fsf website as being compatibale with the GPL
I guess it is also compatible with the LGPL.


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