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Re: [ft] Jam Build Tool

From: Brady Duga
Subject: Re: [ft] Jam Build Tool
Date: Fri, 20 May 2011 16:11:15 -0700

Ok, I'm confused. What's this got to do with FreeType?


On May 20, 2011, at 4:09 PM, Chris Molozian <address@hidden> wrote:

Hey all,

Not sure if this is the right place to ask these questions, I hope the mailing list is still active. I'm trying to use Jam to build what I believe is my fairly straight forward project (in the D programming language). The goal of my build process is as follows:
  1. Build the libllvm-c-ext.a (static) library from llvm/Target.cpp and llvm/Ext.cpp. These are CPP FFI extensions to the D bindings for LLVM.
  2. Build the D source code for the codebase, link the LLVM library and the bindings extension.
In trying to achieve this goal, I've found a number of steps I'm not sure how to do:
  • Is it possible to direct the object files and static libraries to be built in a dedicated build folder? The project structure looks like this:
-- ob2c
  |-- src
  |-- imports
  |  |-- llvm/Target.cpp ...etc.
  |     |-- c/Analysis.d ...etc.
  |-- Jamfile
  • Is it possible to override the "-o" flag passed to the c compiler (which I'm tricking as the D compiler at the moment)?
  • Is it possible to scan for all source files from a directory?
At the moment my Jamfile looks like this:

BUILDDIR = build ;

CC = dmd ;
CCFLAGS = -fPIC -O -inline -release -w -wi -od$(BUILDDIR) -I./imports/llvm-2.9 ;
LINK = $(CC) ;
    src/main.d ;    # should be scanned from src dir

Objects $(DFILES) ;
MainFromObjects ob2c : $(DFILES:S=.o) ;

The build output looks like this:

dmd -c -ofsrc/main.o   src/main.d
dmd  -o ob2c  src/main.o 
Error: -o no longer supported, use -of or -od

Apologies for the long email, I wanted to give as much context as possible. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,


PS: If you can recommend a good book on Jam or some (extensive) documentation that would be great. I can't find many articles on the build tool.

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