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[ft] the problem when build freetype

From: ?????????????? ??????
Subject: [ft] the problem when build freetype
Date: Tue, 3 Apr 2018 10:51:35 +0800

Hello, freetype group
        I am a solft engineer in china. Now, l am developing an OpenGLES 
program. I want it can display characters on my OpenGLES surface. I choose to 
use freetype to get glyphs. Howerver, I only can use the releases of freetype 
before 2.6.5. When I bulit the release of 2.7.1 or latter, I always find tht 
output had the warning of ' 'getenv', undefined, assuming extern returning 
int.'. Althought, I can get the freetype.lib, I cannot use it, an link error 
about getenv occurs. I want to use the render techniques after release of 2.7.1 
to get quality of render font like 'cleartype ' quality in windows. My operate 
system is Wince7. I don't know how to solve it.
        Couldy you help me?Thank you.
        I hope your reply. 
                                            Zhu guoliang

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