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[fsfc-discuss] Re-starting the FSFC

From: Reid Ellis
Subject: [fsfc-discuss] Re-starting the FSFC
Date: Wed, 10 May 2006 20:39:12 -0700

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It sounds like you want two separate entities. One to forward technological pursuits, and another to forward political pursuits.


From:   John Loukidelis
Subject:        [fsfc-discuss] Re-starting the FSFC
Date:   Wed, 6 Oct 2004 20:31:37 -0400
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The question to be addressed is whether we should resume trying to
establish the Free Software Foundation of Canada (the "FSFC").

We can pursue one of two routes:

1. We can incorporate the FSFC as a non-share corporation and attempt
to register it as a charity.

2. We can ask the FSF to establish a branch in Canada. The branch can
operate here as a not-for-profit using the FSFC name.

You may recall that I had taken the position that there is no point in
establishing the FSFC as a separate corporation unless it is able to
obtain status as a registered charity under the Income Tax Act
(Canada) (the "Tax Act"). I argued that, if the FSFC is not a charity,
then a donor will be indifferent as to whether it gives money to the
FSFC or to the FSF operating in Canada through a branch. I continue to
hold that view. In addition, I should point out that there is nothing
to stop the FSF reserving the FSFC name, and even using it, in Canada,
for a small fee.

Before deciding on which approach to adopt, we should probably talk
further about the purpose of the FSFC. When I approached RMS about the
idea, I had envisioned the FSFC as a source of funds for free software
projects in Canada, which funds would be derived from donors who could
get tax receipts for their gifts. This vision requires charitable
status. If the main purpose of the FSFC is political, however, then
not-for-profit status is preferable (in fact, charitable status would
get in the way of conducting political activities). That is, we should
opt for number 2 above.
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