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Re: [Fsfe-france] TCPA chez Transmeta ?

From: pplf
Subject: Re: [Fsfe-france] TCPA chez Transmeta ?
Date: Tue, 14 Jan 2003 18:56:40 +0100
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pplf wrote:

TCPA chez Transmeta ?

Slashdot a une news là-dessus :


Transmeta to Incorporate DRM in TM5800 Processor

TransmetaPosted by michael on Tuesday January 14, @12:38PM
from the great-way-to-boost-sales dept.

smiff writes "Silicon Valley is reporting that Transmeta will embed
'security' features in its TM5800 Crusoe processor. 'Transmeta said its
Crusoe processors...would be slightly altered to tackle security and
address requirements for securing sensitive data and intellectual
property.' With everyone looking out for security, why don't I feel all
warm and fuzzy inside?"



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