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[Fsfe-france] [Forbes] "Is Linux For Losers?"

From: Xavier Roche
Subject: [Fsfe-france] [Forbes] "Is Linux For Losers?"
Date: Fri, 17 Jun 2005 16:48:58 +0200
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Et encore un bel article digne de nos amis journalistes de caniveau de Forbes, 
qui déforme les propos (il faut dire un peu amers et aigris) de Theo de Raadt 
sur Linux. L'article est intitulé "Is Linux For Losers?", tout simplement.

"There's also a difference in motivation. "Linux people do what they do because 
they hate Microsoft. We do what we do because we love Unix" (..)

Il faut dire que Theo est un spécialiste de Linux: il ne l'a jamais fait 

Q: "Do you think the BSD project you work on is better technically for some or 
all uses than GNU/Linux (in general)?"
A: "I don't know. I have never run Linux."

No comment. Du bien beau journalisme que voila.

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