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Re: [Fsfe-france] EU public licence

From: Antoine
Subject: Re: [Fsfe-france] EU public licence
Date: Mon, 22 Aug 2005 14:12:37 +0200 (CEST)
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Impressions :

1. Uniquement disponible en PDF, une mauvaise habitude (un fichier texte,
c'est plus commode dans bcp de situations)

2. « If the Work is provided as Executable Code, the Licensor provides in
addition a machine-readable copy of the Source Code of the Work along with
each copy of the Work that the Licensor distributes or indicates, in
a notice following the copyright notice attached to the Work, a repository
where the Source Code is easily and freely accessible *for as long as the
Licensor continues to distribute and/or communicate the Work*. » :
selon cette formulation, il semblerait que si l'auteur décide de ne plus
distribuer le programme, les possesseurs de copies en circulation ne
pourront plus lui demander le code source. Un peu dérangeant.

3. La définition de code source est moins précise que dans la GPL : « the
human-readable form of the Work which is required in order to make
modifications to it ». La GPL parle de la forme *préférée* pour faire des
modifications (il peut y avoir plusieurs formes lisibles par un humain,
par exemple un fichier C et son équivalent après passage par un

4. Copyleft, sans clause de transformation en GPL (donc non compatible).

5. Mode d'acceptation de la licence : « The provisions of this Licence can
be accepted by clicking on an icon “I agree” placed under the bottom of a
window displaying the text of this Licence or by affirming consent in any
other similar way, in accordance with rules of applicable law. »

6. Clause de distribution beaucoup trop stricte (notamment, interdit
l'anonymat) :

« In case of any Distribution and/or Communication of the Work by You (for
example, by offering to download the Work from a website) the distribution
channel or media (for example, the website) must provide the following
information to the public:
•   your name, as new Licensor providing the Work,
•   your geographic and electronic address,
•   where the Licensor is registered in a trade or similar public
register, the trade register in which the Licensor is entered and his
registration number,
•   the different technical steps to follow to conclude the Licence, prior
to the Distribution and/or the Communication of the Work,
•   where the Licence contract will be accessible,
•   the languages which can be used for the conclusion of the Licence. »

Bref, taillé sur mesure pour la bureaucratie.



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