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[Fsfe-france] DRM vs Brevets Logiciels episode 1

From: Laurent GUERBY
Subject: [Fsfe-france] DRM vs Brevets Logiciels episode 1
Date: Sun, 15 Jan 2006 23:37:06 +0100

On s'amuse entre amis de la "propriete intellectuelle partout" (TM)
(Patent Pending) (Email Anticopie).


Microsoft, Yahoo, others sued by Softvault over DRM

SEPARATE CASES were filed against Microsoft, Yahoo and a spate of other
tech firms in the US last week, alleging patents covering digital rights
management (DRM) were breached by the firms.
The other case against Yahoo, Microsoft, Napster, Creative Labs, Dell,
Gateway, Iriver, Samsung, Toshiba, Digital Networks, Palm, Audiovox,
Sandisk and Thomson also relates to the 868 patent and the 765 patent. 

But there are differences. Softvault alleges that Microsoft supplies
Windows Media Digital Rights Management (DRM) which breaches its patent,
and Yahoo's Music Unlimited to Go uses this DRM and so infringes its

The other firms named in the suit also infringe Softvault's patents by
using Microsoft DRM, it's alleged. Softvault wants the defendants to pay
up after a jury trial. 

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