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[Fsfe-uk] putting freedom 0 to the test: intervention of social struggle

From: Space Bunny
Subject: [Fsfe-uk] putting freedom 0 to the test: intervention of social struggles in our coding groups.
Date: Thu, 29 Jan 2004 17:25:14 +0000
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MJ Ray wrote:

On 2004-01-29 01:04:08 +0000 Adam Moran <address@hidden> wrote:

[ox-en] [BUG] Something is *rotten* in the state of Debian

I am very unhappy that you referenced that thread on this list.


I think it is very unhelpful to have referenced that thread in that way on this list also.

But I think you have not helped in your reply.

one more constructive critical response to the original alert can be found:

Just in case anyone is misled: The only link between Naziism and Debian is that one Debian developer republished some documents which this so-called anti-fascist wants banned.

There is a difference with saying a group should distance itself from someone based on evidence on texts they promote, and calling for legal force to be used to stop these texts being distributed.

To see some of texts you will now have to trawl through the goggle cache:

You say 'so called' but what was original alert about if not 'anti-fascist' it was not motived by critic of personality, or coding abilities but by wishing to prevent the re-emerge of fascism as a threat. You may disagree with how this is done, or not care but it is about fascism that's is the motivation. I myself have my own critic of anti-fascism but I do recognise anti-fascism effort as such.

Finally, the censor-wannabe went stomping in with jackboots from the off.

He did not, he wrote and email to 2 people informing them of what he had found, and perhaps hoped for a different response to one he go from one and more speeder response from the other who has yet to come back. He did not threaten force as your jackboot comment implies as far as I know.

To persuade people with argument to change who they work with and what they do is not censorship.

but is surprised most developers ignored him.

I think many have taken note and thought more about the issues. Many will want to wait before responding.

I am waiting to engage more with the issue that faces us as to how we react, in my case from the outside of debian.

I am sorry that my subject line promises more than I offer in this reactive email.


Space Bunny

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