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[Fsfe-uk] GCM - A GPL'd Contact Manager - Feedback gratefully recieved

From: Martyn
Subject: [Fsfe-uk] GCM - A GPL'd Contact Manager - Feedback gratefully recieved
Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2005 23:23:56 +0000
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Hi all,

  Firstly, apologies for the exceedingly long subject.

  Secondly, I'll quote myself! - In the "FLOSS accounting package" thread I 
said :
>I also have started a GPL'd project that is being currently worked on in 
>works' time, but we are very pushed for time.  Whilst we currently have a 
>customer paying for my time to get it to v1.0, it is a project that should 
>quickly give lots of small to medium-sized businesses a really useful tool.  
>I am worried however, that it will end at v1.0 which will be specific to that 
>company, or at best industry.  If funding for my time were available, I would 
>hope to get it to v2.0 which will go back and remove all the short-cuts, make 
>it generic and hopefully make it extremely useful.  I'll post a link to the 
>(very bare) website once it's uploaded for comments on design (I'd really 
>appreciate feedback), usefulness and whether people think it would be worth 
>applying for funding.

  So - without any further ado - http://gcm.syn.co.uk/ - please excuse the 
OpenOffice html - I'm a tad too busy to worry about website design.  The v1.0 
date is very close and need to be spending more time on coding than 
administration at the moment.

  As I say, feedback/input is gratefully appreciated.

Martyn Ranyard

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