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[Fsuk-manchester] Re: [man-lug] Richard Stallman talk - Manchester (1st

From: Tom Chiverton
Subject: [Fsuk-manchester] Re: [man-lug] Richard Stallman talk - Manchester (1st May)
Date: Wed, 23 Apr 2008 19:13:37 +0100
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On Sunday 13 April 2008 22:36:28 Simon Ward wrote:
> Or non‐techy.  The wider the audience the better, and Richard Stallman
> also asks that you don’t just limit it to the techies because his talks
> are not technical.

I stopped short of the whole company, but one of our project managers perked 
up :-)

See you there.

If you are good, you will be assigned all the work.
If you are really good, you will get out of it.

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