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Re: [Fsuk-manchester] Moving Things Forward: Name of the Group

From: Tim Dobson
Subject: Re: [Fsuk-manchester] Moving Things Forward: Name of the Group
Date: Sat, 26 Apr 2008 12:35:57 +0100
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Simon Ward wrote:

I’m not confused, “Manchester Free Software” is good.

You have been in the group and are (hopefully) quite clued up about the group. Try asking a regular to a #manlug currybeer who isn't on #manlug or a random ManLUGer who isn't connected to Manchester Free Software. these are the people who are mostly likely to come to future Manchester Free Software meetings and/or join the mailing list.

I would suggest that it would be good to unite all under one name.

We’re heading this way, it takes time and isn’t always at the top of
the priority list.  I think we should be concentrating on keeping
regular meetings, talks, and other events going.

I think you are confusing the issues a bit. I'm not suggesting that it *is* top of the priority list, nevertheless I suggest healthy discussion helps us move slowly in the right direction. Whitewashing it and saying "later", doesn't help draw consensus.

The second question would obviously be "where's the mailing list/wiki [DEL:/irc] details"

You have access to the site, update it.  [No IRC channel is a good
reason for not having details on it.]

Do I? Since when? Never the less, If I am allowed to change links in the blogroll, I will.

In regards to Livre Planet, modelled on the Ubuntu Loco Project, it is clear that many Ubuntu Loco Groups have their own groups on their own Domains:


I hope that having own domain would not have any impact on our

We have already been discussing this in another thread.  I see a general
approval of a domain name (fsug.org) _if_ we need it, but no consensus
on whether we actually need it now we have some control over

You are confusing the issues.

My point was purely in relation to the "FSUK" in the website and mailing list causing confusion about the name of the group and totally unrelated to any possible issues surrounding hosting.


Moving Things Forward

If each of us have one object, and we exchange them, then each of us
still has one object.
If each of us have one idea, and we exchange them, then each of us now
has two ideas.   -  George Bernard Shaw

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