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[Ftba-commits] morphine individualism

From: Mima Copeland
Subject: [Ftba-commits] morphine individualism
Date: Sun, 6 Aug 2006 00:57:32 +0200

Indeed,all night they had kept up a most distressing racket, wailing andbeating little drums. Most likely hes apriest of sorts, and if youre not civil to him well have to quitthis country. And he believed thatit might still be stopped, that it was still in the eastern bush. I sat a long time thinking, while the sun went down over theMagaliesberg. So with an easy conscience I arranged for the retrievingof my outfit and returned to the Rand. Wronghas been done, and on the wrong-doer must fall the penalty. We did not carry clinical thermometers inthose days, but he certainly had fever on him. Hehad struck some kind of native magic, which had frightened him tothe bone for all his scepticism. But when we raised the waterquestion we struck a snag. But it was clear that Smit had been killed by Andrewssporting . Unless he had gone stark mad Iwas positive that he could never have taken human life. But this letter was full of small grouses. Well, westruck a big kraal that afternoon, but not a word would they say tous. I felt that somehow I hadstrayed beyond the reasonable world. I had only one white companion, a boy of twenty-two called AndrewDu Preez. But the tradition is more likely to be negative. I fancy a lot of my blackguard ancestors got scuppered atmoonlight fords. By and by Andrew lost his temper, andforced his way in. I did my best for the boy, and before we reached the coast theworst had passed. The landslip must havereleased the underground water, for a stream now flowed down thehollow. He was to see Andrew andwire me details about his state of mind. I had only one white companion, a boy of twenty-two called AndrewDu Preez. The atmosphere was too solemn to put a practicalquestion like that. Iwas informed that the Father sent the water as a gift to thestrangers without payment.

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