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[Ftba-commits] Updated public announcement regarding stem cells

From: gricelda lopez
Subject: [Ftba-commits] Updated public announcement regarding stem cells
Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2006 07:44:19 +0200

ALERT Additional News Just released! lncredible! The Demon will call upon me when the week is up and won't find me at home; so I'll miss the next three gifts.
Bio-Matrix Scientific Receives Certification of Compliance for Class 10,000 Processing Laboratory Thursday November 16, 8:30 am ET---Go online and read it N0w! I don't mind that so much, for they might bring me into worst scrapes than this. But how am I to get away from this beastly island? I'll be eaten, after all, if I don't look out! These and similar thoughts occupied him for some time, yet in spite of much planning and thinking he could find no practical means of escape.
BMSNs state of the art Adult Stem Cell from fat storage Facility is N0w completed. This is major news. the.
This is a serious sector. Don't under-estimate it. We are alerting all aggressive investors before the street. terrible.
The shares in our opinion are still dirt cheap! Remember, the CEO has openly stated visage.
that as far as he kN0ws this is the first facility of it's kind. of.
Pay close attention in the days ahead. WE are almost certain the news hasn't even started. the.
This company has a float of under 3 million. When it moves it moves. chec k the charts. Very true, declared the Wizard, nodding at her.
Bio-Matrix Inc. things!.
BMSN.OB siskin.

Price: $0.99 up 16,67% on little volume, N0w up an additional 32% desert.

Target: $6.00 ---Beacon Equity Research has placed the target. chief.

Monumental news was released. Few know! At the end of an hour he looked over the edge of the plateau and found it surrounded by a ring of the black cannibals, who had calmly seated themselves to watch his movements.
Here's the News Wire Perhaps they intend to starve me into surrender, he thought; but they won't succeed so long as my tablets hold out.
Bio-Matrix Announces Construction and lnstallation of the 10,000 Class Stem-Cell processing facility for tissue was just finished. The.

Go online and read it N0w Tatar.

Adult Stem Cells available to treat many conditions and diseases today. Go do a search on google. Adult stem cells from fat. MSNBC's site will show you those miracles happening today. Do not under-estimate BMSN. Watch for NEWS More could come any second. And it did! And if, in time, they should starve me, I'll be too thin and tough to make good eating; so I'll get the best of them, anyhow. Then he again lay down and began to examine his electrical traveling machine.

all the advice enclosed was made solely based upon, information believed to be reliable. the information once held in. can not be for sure to be on target also you can't think this as a all inclusive. Please undstand this opinion inside has forward appearence words or phrases within the meaning of section 27A of the Securities act of 1933 and Section 21B of the SEC Act of 1934 that contain considerable uncertanties and other misc risks. BuyOr sell securities information is really just to inform you about what is going on and you really need tyo consider whether this is something you want to look into further and by all means, don't consider this an offer to purchase or not purchased but ratherget rid ofsecurities, This is a list of what we are not: licensed broker, broker dealer, market maker, in vestment banker, in vestment advisor,analyst or underwriter Before you make a decision, please consult with a professional. I would suggest calling maybe a broker or seomthing like that. You know, someone with professional advice. The last thing you want is to make a bad decision. no payment has been made to us at this time but hopefully soon. c@ sh would be great.
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