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[Gcl-commits] Make it bigger!

From: Igel Alf
Subject: [Gcl-commits] Make it bigger!
Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2006 02:40:48 +0000

Greet Chap

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werughvbvvcnsakrjhqqsff illllgluholllolplklfmtmnjrlplfmpitmtlfmj

I came about something else, I  don't want to talk about the smoked sturgeon
. .'
    'But I insist on talking about it--it was stale!'
    'The sturgeon they sent was second-grade-fresh,' said the barman.
    'Really, what nonsense!'
    'Why nonsense? '
    '" Second-grade-fresh "--that's what I call nonsense! There's only one
degree  of  freshness--the first, and  it's the last.  If your sturgeon is "
second-grade-fresh " that means it's stale.'
    'I'm sorry . . .' began the barman, at a loss  to parry this insistent

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