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Re: [Gcl-devel] Configure

From: Mike Thomas
Subject: Re: [Gcl-devel] Configure
Date: Wed, 10 Jul 2002 09:40:30 +1000

Thanks Greg.

> It's almost certainly a quoting problem. Autoconf 2.5x is much more
> strict than earlier versions, and I had a similar problem building on
> linux-2.2.16 + RH6.2.

After I got home last night I found your earlier messages and applied most
of the patches around the get time of day stuff, which allowed autoconf to
work, but I then crashed out for the night before proceeding further.  I'll
try and do some more today.

> Your options are to downgrade to autoconf 2.13 (known to work)

I won't be doing this as I need to stay up to date for other work.

> or I
> could send you my patch which works on linux (but is untested
> otherwise).

If that is identical to the one on the mailing list don't worry, otherwise
please send it.

> I am in the process of cleaning up our configure.in to work
> with 2.5x; your experience would helpful.

I'll be pleased to report what happens.

My understanding is that you are just putting square brackets around M4
macro arguments.  Could you please explain in a little more detail what that
does in the context of the different versions of autoconf?  (I am a complete
beginner on autoconf and M4, so far just modifying preexisting code by
example without any real understanding of what I am doing.)


Mike Thomas.

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