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[gforth] An odd error

From: Andrew Haley
Subject: [gforth] An odd error
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2018 11:53:03 +0100
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This is GForth I built this week from git.

Gforth 0.7.9_20180620, Copyright (C) 1995-2017 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
Gforth comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY; for details type `license'
Type `help' for basic help
*the terminal*:1: error: Dictionary overflow
                                         0 $7FEBE4F7F260 throw
                                         1 $7FEBE4F7F360 allot
libcc.fs:813:18                          2 $7FEBE4FD5D58 ,
libcc.fs:819:12                          3 $7FEBE4FD5E88 lha,
libcc.fs:1000:5                          4 $7FEBE4FD7C10 clear-libs
libcc.fs:1041:5                          5 $7FEBE4FD8478 init-libcc
gforthrc.fs:21:17                        6 $7FEBE4FD8DD0
locate1.fs:25:38                         7 $7FEBE4FDA260

Is this expected?  Do you want me to complete a bug report?

Andrew Haley
Java Platform Lead Engineer
Red Hat UK Ltd. <>
EAC8 43EB D3EF DB98 CC77 2FAD A5CD 6035 332F A671

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