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GHM -- the summer one (was: Re: [Ghm-discuss] GNU Hackers Meeting - offe

From: Stepan Kasal
Subject: GHM -- the summer one (was: Re: [Ghm-discuss] GNU Hackers Meeting - offer to host next meeting in Gothenburg, Sweden)
Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2009 11:48:27 +0100
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  I sincerely apologize for the delays on my side.

> We haven't heard anything from Stepan so maybe the Brno option will
> not work out.

I'm prepared to organize the meeting.

But I mentioned GHM to a friend of mine, who lives in Paris.
Surprisingly, he did not dismissed the option immediately.

I think Paris would be an excellent place for GHM 2009.

If GHM 2009 were in Czech Republic:

Time: mid-July.  A week or two later than last year, as there is a
know case when GHM 2008 collided with University teaching.

Though I live in Prague, my employer, Red Hat's Czech development
branch is based in Brno.  It has a good relationship with the
University in Brno, so it is very easy to get conference space for
free there.
And several of may coleagues (who e.g. pack GNU sw for Fedora) could
join the meeting.
Brno is a lovely small city, accomodation is affordable.
I'm travelling to Brno frequently enough that I can do the
For these reasons I'd prefer Brno over Prague.

Brno has it's own airport, there are several lines by budget airlines
(ryanair, ...), but the selection is very limited.
But brno is about 3 hours by train or bus from three capital cities:
Prague, Wien, Bratislava.  And there is a wide range of options to
get to one of these.

Happy hacking,

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