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Re: [Glob2-devel] (no subject)

From: Stephane Magnenat
Subject: Re: [Glob2-devel] (no subject)
Date: Wed, 27 Mar 2002 18:59:12 +0100

On Wednesday 27 March 2002 13:15, you wrote:
> Hello,
> Ce message n'a pas de sujet, car je l'envoie par ssh... Ceci dit, on se
> sentirait presque a l'aise sur un mac, quand on a MacSSH et qu'on est
> connecte en permanece sur LOL! N'empeche que c'est
> incroyablement rapide, et donc utilisable!
> Bon, venons-en aux faits: j'ai fait un petit texte d'intro d'une page pour
> que les graphistes se retrouvent un peu plus facilement. Ils s'agit d'un
> texte retracant tres brievement l'histoire de globulation, et qui a les
> liens utiles pour en savoir plus (glob1, glob2, savannah, mailing list).
> Pourriez-vous me dire si ce texte convient, et n'hesitez pas d'entreprendre
> quelques ameliorations.

J'ai fait quelques corrections :

> Globulation and Ysagoon Game
> ============================
> Globulation 1
> -------------
> Globulation 1.1 was released somewere in the year 2000, it adds some
> gameplay features to Globulation 1.0. It has been entierly coded by
> Luc-Olivier De Charriere and Stephane Magnenat. The graphic artwork has
> been done by Luc-Olivier. The aim was to create a game with a lot of units
> (like ants), a lot of buildings and big maps. The gameplay is between a
> strategic game (like Warcraft2), and a simulation game (like SimCity).
> The software is a shareware, but the game is availible without limitations
> for no costs. The sources written in pascal are not released, because they
> are too ugly.
> Globulation 1 is only availible for Macintosh PowerMac in SIT format.

Globulation 1 is only available for Macintosh PowerMac in SIT format.

> Web site:
> Globulation 2 alpha
> -------------------
> The gameplay and the graphics of Globulation 2 alpha are mostly based on
> Globulation 1. The aim was to rewrite the whole code from scratch in c++
> (in order to be able to code the continuation of the game). Another aim was
> to summarize the gameplay to it's most important elements.
> The software is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL). The
> purpose is to assure everyone the effective freedom to copy and
> redistribute it. See for a deeper understanding of
> the free software philosophy.
> Globulation 2 is availible for Windows, and Linux (Debian).

Globulation 2 is available for Windows, and Linux (Debian packages avaible).

> Information page:
> Savannah progect:

Savannah project :

> Glob2 mailing list:
> Globulation 2 - Ysagoon Game
> ----------------------------
> The future of Globulation is still in heavy discussion. Actually, it is
> almost sure that there will be no more globule-like units in the game, thus
> the name of the game will probably change. That's why the generic name
> Ysagoon Game has been created, but it's just a name to speak about a game
> that hasn't yet a name.
> If you are interested in the continuation of Globulation 2 alpha, don't
> hesitate to subscribe to the Globulation 2 mailing list! The most needed
> competences are ambience drawing (on paper), sprite artwork (do the
> different units, buildings, ressources, ...), music (a nice background
> music) and sounds. But we welcome every interessed person on our mailing
> list!

Je serais moins rigide sur la demande. En effet, le sprite artwork n'est pas 
forcement utile si on fait les objets en 3D et qu'on les rend apres. De plus, 
on ne sait pas exactement quel sera le moteur final



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