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Re: [glob2-devel] Regular saving the work

From: Martin Voelkle
Subject: Re: [glob2-devel] Regular saving the work
Date: Thu, 16 Sep 2004 16:45:58 +0200
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>           We have a CVS  that is on savannah.  The hole problem is that
> we nead someone to save the entire CVS, not only the last verssion...
> well, i guess savannah is doing that even if i am not sure...
>           About the wiki, and the web page and the forum, Have there
> been any save on a cd or an offline computer? I always save my work and
> the wiki is getting bigger, we never know about people who dont like
> open source games, i think the wiki, the forum and the main page sould
> be safe on a CD somewere....
>          Enyone is willing to save the work on a CD?
>          I think if you do a script for hat and everyhtnink goes fast
> then once every 2 weeks would be ok.
>          If you must do it manualy, then at least it should be done now
> once and from now every one or two mounths.
>    nct is doing the code,  he said (on the forum) that someone like
> Disney or Marvelous can do it.   If noone wants then i nead some
> informations about what neads to be saved exactly and how to acces it (i
> nead also read-only acces to everythink, all the sources and
> databases).  Since i wont have internet as offten as i have now,, maybe
> somoene who has acces to all files and who has internet all the time and
> who has some experience about how a wiki and a forum works could do it...

I never save my work. It's like natural selection: if something disappears, it 
was probably useless. Ok, it's probably a bit strong to say that and the idea 
is not mine.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure Savannah is perfectly backuped. As for the forum and 
the wiki, something might have to be done as I don't know how Westhost 
backups the data. Maybe a good thing would be to use Savannah's web cvs to 
store the wiki pages (if you can find a cvs backend for TWiki). As for phpbb, 
I have no idea on how to backup it. Crawl the web for some docs...

Martin (a.k.a. Marvelous)

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