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Re: [glob2-devel] Turret behaviour improved

From: emmanuel . eckard
Subject: Re: [glob2-devel] Turret behaviour improved
Date: Sat, 18 Sep 2004 23:12:18 +0200
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Good point. All overall, I also noticed that when you get schools, swimming
pooly and running tracks built, units have a tendency to drop whatever they're
doing to get the new training. I can almost hear them scream "Whow cool,
training opportunity !!!". This is usually the point to which I loose the game
aginst some stupids grunts who burn down my whole camp down, with its
super-trained units inside the crmbling down buildings. Thus the logically
linked idea that

 -- units might want to exit an attacked building (when the biulding is
destroyed, it's normal that the units inside be destroyed, but when they see
that the building they're inside is attacked, they should go out and fight or do
whatever is more appopriate...)

 -- All units might want to put training somewhere else than
super-top-most-absolute priority. For instance, "when I've got some time" or
something else. (if we really need that, we could even have some kind of "alert
level" which lets the units go to school more or less... I can almost picture
the globules switching from "high" to "elevated"... hum, I'm loosing myself
there :) )

  Stephane, don't start screaming that the horrible users are alyways asking for
more features, I'm volunteer to code some of these myself if needed ! :)

Quoting Gabriel Walt <address@hidden>:

> > Cyrille and I have improved turret behaviour. I also added commens to the
> > code :-). Turrets now have priorities so that they first attack warriors,
> > then explorers, then buildings. For a given type, the danger of the unit
> (the
> > attack strength of warrior) and the probability to hit are taken into
> account
> > to decide who is the target.
> I think that this is very cool!
> I think that the order in which things are done should be documented,
> this is important to improve one's strategies. For instance, what are
> the priorities of workers between these actions??
> - eat
> - heal
> - upgrade school/swim/walk
> - bring food to inn/swarm
> - bring stone to turret
> - bring material to constructions
> - clean an area
> Wouldn't it be interesting to be able to edit these priorities?
> Another improvement would be to make the upgrade speed of units faster
> if they already have some upgrade level. For instance a level 2 warrior
> being upgraded to level 3 should reach this faster than a level 1
> warrior. Or we could also turn this the other way around: the level 1
> warrior should stay longer in the building than the level 2 warrior. We
> could say that a unit should stay half longer for each previous upgrade
> level not yet accomplished. For eg, the level 1 warrior should stay 1.5
> times longer than the level 2, and a level 0 warrior should stay 1.75
> times longer.
> Just some thoughts...
> Gabriel
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