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Re: [glob2-devel] scripting language

From: MUNTEANU Olimpiu Andrei
Subject: Re: [glob2-devel] scripting language
Date: Tue, 24 May 2005 16:45:01 +0200
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Hein-Pieter van Braam wrote:

I basically would like the glob2 c++ part to be an environment for games, not a game as such, the game itself would be implemented in a scripting engine, such as stratagus.

I like the idea. I first wanted such an environement to make a game in it, i looked for statagus, but without looking at the source code i didn't liked the bad quality of the images in the game. So i said i would better do it by my own in 3D, but dont have time...

I think it is feasible and, since I consider the glob2 engine to be a lot more versatile (at least from a graphics point of view) I think the glob2 PLATFORM could become pretty popular.
I would implement my game in 2D using the glob2 platform.... My game is based on a huge world, like in fantasy games, but still it remains a strategy game.... The huge world could be either a huge map (up to 5000*5000 or more), either on many normal maps (256*256 X 50 for example)

The artificial inteligence shoud be extremly simple regarding how the units move around, they should move without realy knowing where they go, like robots or ants... but the strategy part (used only by the computer players) on the hole game should be more inteligent, but should not control all the units, it should only asign "strategies" to the units, or general indicators... The units should be realy stupid in fact, they should be smart only as a group... Finaly it should have as much units as possible, and the map should be as big as the memory alows it, without consuming more CPU for either one (O(n) when n is the number of units, and O(1) when n is the size of the map).

Glob2 did great work in not alowing micro-management whatever the number of units, and the game i would like to see would also not alow micro-management of buildings and so it would make possible macro-management of not only many units but also huge maps.... Of course, it will not be a simulation, but rather a game of domination and control of teritory (maybe a game without much war is possible but i didn't thinked of it like that until now)

Of course this is just an idea for now...

SGSL might even have a place here, as it could STILL be used to for map logic, if we pimp it a little. What I currently see as a good point about SGSL is that it is EASY to use even for non-programmers, it's like basic, but EVEN easier. and that is a very good point imho, as it is also pretty easy to generate. Like I was thinking about making a tool for the editor to make the areas with a brush style.

Well, if it will alow to build maps for any kind of game.

but this could also be done with LUA of course, if anyone ever used flash or other timeline-based interfaces, thats what I would like to do with the glob2 editor. Make it a bit like making a flash movie.
I don't know LUA but it seems to me it is quite mature, and more people know lua (and python) than SGSL or TEA.

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