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[glob2-devel] Glob2 hosting

From: Stephane Magnenat
Subject: [glob2-devel] Glob2 hosting
Date: Fri, 30 Sep 2005 09:27:17 +0200
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The real datas give about 1 GB transfer per mouth. These datas are gathered by 
the internal monitoring tool of my uni that monitor real transfer between any 
machine and the Internet. For on-site stats (internal uni stats are not 
available to outside internet), see:

Most bandwidth is used by usage logs and screenshots. I think the forum is 
very low. YOG bandwidth is negligable, was 27KB yesterday.

So as some of you, I agree in a three part hosting:

- Web site and forum somewhere, criteria are stability (should not disappear), 
uptime, bandwidth.
        * Here I think the best is icclus if they agree for the forum and wiki
        * Otherwise some of your suggestion that meet best criteria are a 

- Files. Here I think savannah and bittorrent can do it. We just need a place 
to put the tracker. We can also add mirrors. It would be nice to streamline 
the process of managing those files.

- YOG. Bandwidth is small. YOG has been designed with security in mind and 
audited using valgrind for memory trash but I cannot warranty that there is 
no security hole, anyway we need a restricted account for it. Even if we 
never experienced security problems with it. One of your server can do it. 
There is proposals by Mickaƫl, Hein-Pieter and Leo (but Leo as you'll be 
moving it looks bad for the stability criteria)

So here is what I suggest if you all agree:
- Andrew if you can see with for web and forum that would be nice.
- If someone can look for a stable place to put a torrent tracker that's good. 
It would be very nice if it's as easy as putting the files. Anyway this can 
be done as a contribution and packagers could primary upload files to 
savannah. If you want to contribute, you can begin to upload files to 
savannah. In the process, please report if there is any problem.
- Could you self-organise to decide where to put YOG? thanks ;-)

Thanks a lot for you help !!! :-) Glob2 lives thanks to you !


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