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Re: [glob2-devel] Re: Glob2s lack of recovery strategy

From: Joey Marshall
Subject: Re: [glob2-devel] Re: Glob2s lack of recovery strategy
Date: Thu, 05 Jan 2006 05:17:25 -0800

I find it is rather hard to make up once you make a small mistake...
mainly with fruiting. I think something that might work is for games,
you can ether set fruit to  be used for converting, or for making your
globs stronger (set before the game starts). That way if you get a fruit
advantage advantage early on, you can't win the game by building workers
only. And your enemy still stands a chance because they don't lose all
their workers (and warriors).

just an idea any way.


On Thu, 05 Jan 2006 12:07:23 +0100, "Leo Wandersleb"
<address@hidden> said:
> > On the contrary, I believe games go quite quickly, although there are
> > certainly situations when a game can go longer. Its the first person
> > to gain an advantage wins, if, for example, he only gains an advantage
> > because his opponent made a cruel mistake, and mistakes are easy.
> i don't believe it is so unforgiveing. perhaps others could 
> reply on this, too.
> if games always end in 'all maxed out' end games it would be 
> boring, too. so contrarely i take it for a disadvantage that 
> even massive attacks with untrained warriors are very likely 
> to fail as so the first 5 minutes will always be rather boring.
> > I didn't sight an example when i stated my material, infact that game
> > opposes what I'm saying in several manners. And aswell, triangle is a
> > well balanced map in my opponion. I'm actually drawing from different
> > maps, in particular, playground. Big pond is another example of a
> > slightly biased map, being moderately biased againt blue and for
> > green.
> well maps bias is design. so blame the designer and not the 
> concept. if you had automatically same chances with or 
> without wheat it would be boring.
> > I'm not actually proposing a catch-up bonus, although that what it
> > probably seems like form my argument. I'm saying that we need to fine
> > tune the behaviour to better suit recovery, we should make it harder
> > for someone to win, perhaps by doing something like a defenders bonus,
> > so that you truly need to overcome your enemy to win, or make
> > strategic hits, such as moving your warriors around your enemy. Its a
> > complex problem, and it may seem like the game is already balanced.
> > I'm thinking the games behaviour should simply be more forgiving.
> how about makeing building count influence happiness 
> somehow? so you can't loose all your workers due to fruits 
> if you have a vital city?
> i won some games through fruits only and i admit it is 
> rather boring to do it. but apart from that i think 
> globulation does not grant any winner bonus.
> Leo Wandersleb
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