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[glob2-devel] Universe Background, political correctness

From: Kai Antweiler
Subject: [glob2-devel] Universe Background, political correctness
Date: Wed, 22 Feb 2006 22:33:06 +0100
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I tried to send this mail to the glob2-devel mailing list, but it has
been rejected automatically.  This might be good, because I do not know
if it would have been the right place anyway.  Decide for yourself:

I had planned to join the globulation2 project in a few month.
But I changed my mind after what I read at:

In my opinion it is wrong to include the personal dislike for real
living people in a game like glob2.  Even when you do not respect them
yourself you might know someone who does - maybe a friend, a client,
your boss or your next boss.

It is unnecessary.  It does not improve the ambience of the game to
make pun on names or connect real names with negative attitudes.
(By the way: the human background story sounds weird.  The development
of the individual civilizations is too much and should be skipped.
To use a pseudo-german name for a strange scientist does not go well
with me either.)

If you want to criticize politics, religion or cultures there are
better ways to do this.  It does not have to be superimposed on a game
that naturally has nothing to do with it.
This only keeps people from joining the project or even from
playing glob2.

To be well understood:
The subject matter is not: favouring or not favouring the politics of
someone.  It is the opposite.  Criticism is a good thing to have, but
it does not fit in everywhere.  I just cannot see the connection between
a game with a kindergarten atmosphere and the sarcasm and negative
feelings I saw at some spots of that page.

p.s:  I do not like the idea that human and globule history should be
linked.  Part of the fascination that the ambience of glob2 induces
comes from the fact that it does not connect to the real world.
(traffic jams, broken washing machines, bureaucracy, ...)
Why destroy that?
You could at least put this part of the background as one possible but
not generally approved history of the globulish civilization.

Kai Antweiler

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