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[glob2-devel] On Echo AI System Dependancies

From: Bradley Arsenault
Subject: [glob2-devel] On Echo AI System Dependancies
Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2006 20:24:07 -0700

I'd just like to summarrize up the current dependancies for the Echo
AI System. Currently, it depends on:
1) boost::logic::tribool
2) boost::shared_ptr
3) boost::tuple

All three of these are header only libraries.

As well, I'm in the process of embedding Lua, so we may, in the
future, depend on:
1) Lua devel
2) Pretty much most of boost

The "most of boost" is because I've imported LuaBind into the source
(not yet, but planning on it), and it says that it depends on Boost
headers only (no linking required).

This is allot of new dependancies, and as someone suggested the other
day, this entire system should be made optional. I'm not exactly sure
how to do this with autoconf, perhaps nct could give a few pointers.

--Bradley Arsenault

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