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Re: [glob2-devel] New unit allocation system almost done

From: Kai Antweiler
Subject: Re: [glob2-devel] New unit allocation system almost done
Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2007 11:16:35 +0100
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> Here is a quick summary of how it works:
> 1) Buildings that need units subscribe to a one global call list,
> which is maintained in a sorted order
> 2) When a building has enough units, it calls updateCallLists which
> will remove it from this call list, and it will no longer be given the
> oppportunity to hire units.
> 3) Any buildings on the call list are given the oppurtoninty to hire
> units. They choose units that are closer, and have the ressource they
> want first, and then units that have no ressource second, and units
> that have an unwanted ressource third. This is also fairly simple, but
> highly effective.
> 4) Flags operate the same way, they are on the same call list and are
> prioritized with the other buildings.
> 5) Units that aren't hired by a building wait 32 ticks for a job, then
> head to a racetrack/swimmingpool/school to upgrade, because if they
> aren't hired, that means that they couldn't have been hired. 32 ticks
> is just over a second, it doesn't take units long to decide what they
> should be doing.

What about the construction skills of the workers?
Do you allow lowly skilled workers to build high level buildings?
Do you take care that highly skilled workers prefer high level
construction sites?

When you talk about "one global call list" is that one list per team?

Are buildings that need less workers prioritized over buildings that
need many?

What do you do when a building demands a resource that is not available
(like alga when no one can swim)?  Does this building hire globs for
the other resources?  Does it get low priority?

Instead of letting globs wait 32 ticks until they subscribe to a school,
you could allow other buildings to hire globs that are subscribed to schools.

Kai Antweiler

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