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[glob2-devel] I branched off a release candidate for alpha22.

From: Kai Antweiler
Subject: [glob2-devel] I branched off a release candidate for alpha22.
Date: Fri, 30 Mar 2007 23:22:29 +0200
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Hi *,

I just brached off a release candidate for alpha22.
Please use it for testing and bugfixing.

We always have problems to freeze glob2 developement before a release.
Therefore we do less releases than we should.
And we release without having tested enough.

I proposed to extend our current release plan:

1. Someone branches off a release candidate:

 # cp -a <old directory name> <new directory name>
 # cd <new directory name>
 # cvs tag -b <release tag name>-rc

This has no effect on glob2 development.
But everyone who wants to fix bugs or help testing
(except the person that created the branch) has to
do the following once:

 # cvs checkout -r alpha22-rc <new directory name>

or better (less network traffic):

 # cp -a <old directory name> <new directory name>
 # cd <new directory name>
 # cvs update -r <release tag name>-rc

After that normal cvs commands in <new directory name> work on the
release canditate branch.
So every bug fixing has to be done in the new and the old directory,
because cvs is poor when it comes to merging.

I propose about one week of testing.

I have added this to:
And I have created the release candidate branch called:

Please respect this, so that Bradley and whoever wants to (maybe even me),
can continue to work on glob2 without delaying the release process.

I think we must constaint the purpose of the release candidate to
testing and bugfixing - no matter how good a feature someone just
implemented in the other branch is.  Otherwise we eventually get into
the same dilemma we were in before.
Kai Antweiler

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